Outfit of the day at the Botanic Gardens Dublin

A few months back I had to move out of my rented house and it was quite the ordeal. Not only because of the scarcity of suitable accommodation but also because I loved where I was living (Stoneybatter) and didn’t want to leave the neighbourhood.

However, rental prices trumped my desire to stay in D7 and after looking at a whopping 30 (yes 30 houses), I was finally offered a nice semi-affordable room in D9.

While my new neighbourhood isn’t quite as central or as trendy as Stoneybatter, it does have one major perk – living close to the beautiful Botanic Gardens.

The gardens are one of the most scenic places in Dublin to visit all year round.

Here’s a cosy little outfit I wore while on a day out there recently.

Looking slightly pensive here!

My blue puffer jacket is from Pimkie in Munich, my jeans are River Island, my blue Gazelles are from Schuh and my bag is from River Island also.

Although this isn’t my thriftiest outfit, the jacket was reduced from €60 to €25, the bag was a gift and the shoes were reduced to €58.95 in a Black Friday sale.

And after I bought them my boyfriend kindly offered to pay for them as a Christmas present 🙂 So they ended up being a gift too!

I’m a big fan of River Island bags and accessories and this little blue bag with gold hardware is perfect for days off.

During the week, I usually drag around a giant tote but on days off I switch down to this beauty!

I absolutely love my Gazelles and runners in general but I’m still struggling to adapt to different kinds of footwear with my dodgy ankle.

These are a little flat so I only wear them for short periods at a time.

Even though there are three different shades of blue going on in this outfit, I think they somehow work together.

Rocking my new puffer jacket

I bought the jacket in a medium so it would be comfortable to wear over a jumper and it’s super warm and cosy.

It has a lovely velvet texture and the silver zip pull detail makes it look more expensive than it actually is.

I saw similar jackets to this in Zara and Penneys before I went to Munich but they had button fastenings rather than zips.

Botanic Gardens Dublin

I think the zip gives it a little more shape.

Puffer jackets can give me somewhat of a “Michelin man” silhouette especially as I’m petite and curvy on top but this one is quite flattering.

If you are visiting the gardens, a few layers are advisable as you’ll be going from the cold outside into the steamy warm glasshouses.


There’s loads to see and admission is free so you can have a leisurely stroll and learn some interesting facts such as avocado is actually the Aztec word for “testicle”! (No lie!)

The Palm House is a favourite of mine but there are restoration works going on at some of the older glasshouses at the moment so soon the gardens should be even bigger and better.

Shades of blue at the Botanic Gardens

Hope you all enjoyed this brief post. I hope to keep up my posting on here it’s just been difficult lately as my mam has been unwell and I’ve been spending a lot of time off work travelling up and down from home.

My family live in Roscommon so it’s important to try and get down there to spend time with them when I can.

Total outfit cost of this outfit came to over €100, however, getting the shoes and bag as a present did reduce it.

FYI, this isn’t a sponsored post and the gifts were from friends and family.

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Capsule Wardrobe – What to bring on a sun holiday

I’m not a very organised person and often pack for holidays the night before I go. (This could also be down to the fact that I like a spontaneous trip..)

But for once in my life, I’ve booked holidays A LONG time in advance and I’m already outfit planning for it. I haven’t been on a proper holiday in almost two years and I’m really happy to have the chance to go away.

Last summer, I was working Monday to Friday in an internship and working a part-time job at the weekends. It was zero craic…

But this year, I’m going away for an entire week to Biarritz and San Sebastian and there’s no way I’m paying for a check-in bag.

10kg is PLENTY for this outfit-repeating gal!

I’ve already put together a rail of items to bring and hopefully there will be some space left for new purchases 😉


Looking through the clothes I already have, I realised I don’t really need many new items.

So far, I have one light summery jacket, a pair of white jeans, a playsuit, a dress, a skirt, five pairs of shorts, a bikini, two one-piece swimsuits, two t-shirts, one camisole top, one dressy off the shoulder top and two crop tops. All of these pieces mix and match pretty well together.


I may bring another bikini or substitute one of the swimsuits for another one, we’ll see.

Holidays are a good time to experiment with colours you don’t normally wear, for instance I normally steer clear of yellow as I’m very fair-skinned and it doesn’t suit me. However, I love these fluorescent yellow shorts for a holiday and have tops with yellow detail to match.


I don’t wear a lot of white or cream either, but white looks way better in sunshine so I’ve included some white and cream tops to wear with my blue denim shorts.

If you’re going on a sun holiday, casual clothes are more important than fancy clothes, so bring more casual dresses, shorts, skirts, t-shirts and swimwear. Hence, my five pairs of shorts!


Leave your heels at home and bring a nice pair of neutral sandals for night-time.  For day time, bring another pair of sandals or flip-flops for the beach and a lightweight pair of runners for exploring.


Heels take up too much room, they’re an awkward shape to pack and your feet may swell on holidays making them even more uncomfortable! (Haha jokes on me I broke my ankle a month after this and spent my holiday in a moonboot).

You can bring a couple of nice outfits for going out to dinner or a night out but try and bring items that double up as daytime wear also.

For instance, I’m bringing a stripy loose -fit playsuit and a floral dress. These will work just as well during the day, unlike a tight bodycon dress or sequin mini-skirt.

The terrace complemented my dinner outfit.

I have included my lilac faux leather mini-skirt but the rest of my clothes are cotton or cotton-mix to stay cool.

When going to the airport, pick something to wear that you can utilise in your holiday wardrobe also.

For instance, I usually wear a light jacket, a t-shirt, jeans and light runners. Comfortable but easy to shed a layer once you get there. You should always aim to wear your heaviest or bulkiest items, i.e. jeans and runners to keep your suitcase light.


The first time I ever went on a girl’s holiday to Turkey, I went mad and bought loads of new things, several pairs of heels, three bikinis and loads of going out clothes.

Apart from the shoes I barely wore any of the items again. I was only there for three or four days..mad or what?!

One pieces are great as they double up as a bodysuit with shorts.

You’ll need to leave room in your case for underwear, socks, PJ’s and a small handbag for going out.

I always bring a tote bag to throw all my essentials into, i.e. purse, passport, cosmetic bag, camera etc.

This may not be everyone’s idea of a “capsule” wardrobe as it already contains 19 items before I add shoes but I am going away for a full week,

If I decide to leave anything out, it will probably be some of the dressier items.

With three pairs of shoes, it takes me up to 22 items in total but I will be wearing one pair on the plane.

Let me know your thoughts on packing for holidays, do you stick to a capsule wardrobe or not? I’ll be putting up a swimwear post soon so keep your eyes peeled.

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What to wear to a Christmas party: Festive Fashion Edit

Sick of all your dresses?  Contemplating wearing a Christmas jumper to the work do instead? Never fear, I have some Christmas outfit inspiration for you! And it’s not just dresses…

Sparkle always looks great at Christmas whether you choose a glittery accessory or a little sequin number. Glitter, sequins and embellishment are practically a requirement at this time of the year. always have gorgeous glittery dresses in stock, ideal for a festive celebration.

These pink glittery shoes from Bershka add some festive cheer to any outfit. If you can’t afford to buy an entire new outfit for a Christmas party, these are only €29.99. A new statement accessory is great way to liven up an old outfit.

Pink glitter shoes. Pic:

Christmas parties are synonymous with donning your best frock but a skirt and top combo can be equally glamorous. These sequin skirts from Pretty Little Thing are festive and fun.

Metallics also look great at Christmas like this patent silver mini from Bershka. This is a fitted skirt so a bodysuit is the best option for underneath.

alt=< silver mini skirt>
Silver miniskirt. Pic:

If you don’t like short skirts or glitzy dresses don’t feel pressured to wear one just for the Christmas party. Wear whatever you feel most confident in whether that’s a playsuit, jumpsuit, culottes or jeans and a top.

Longer skirts can be equally pretty like this sequined midi with tassel details from Zara. It has a side split but is not overly revealing.

Black sequin dress. Pic:

These gorgeous emerald green culottes from Bershka are a lovely satin material and are a loose fit.

Green satin culottes. Pic:

This perfect party top would look great with jeans, black trousers or culottes.

Blue strappy sequin top. Pic:

Culotte jumpsuits have been hugely popular this year and this rich burgundy one from Missguided is beautiful.

alt=< burgundy culotte jumpsuit>
Burgundy culotte jumpsuit. Pic:

Missguided have come up trumps with this simple but elegant green cowl neck dress for €37.50.

Green cowl neck dress. Pic:

They also have some fab dresses on sale right now. The black velvet and red bodycon dresses below are just €13.50 each!  The metallic plunge neck  one is just €22.50.

For my own Christmas party, I wore this black dress with floral detail and a deep mesh V neck. I actually bought this dress in Catch for €26 and it’s an exact dupe for one I spotted in River Island a couple of months back.

The only issue I had with this dress was the floral appliques are slightly loose in places and may come off!

Black dress with floral details
Floral detail dress River Island. Pic: River

The only differences are my dress has slightly less floral detail and a lower V neck. The River Island one was about €50-60 as I recall. Both dresses are similar to a Dolce & Gabbana one worn by both Kendall AND Kylie! Who knows, maybe they share clothes too…

Red and green hues, velvet and jewel details are all great for a Christmassy vibe. That said, if you look great in white lace just go for it!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for a party outfit. Do you like getting dressed up for Christmas?  Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Enjoy the party season and if you have to work over Christmas, you have my sympathies. :/


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Lookbook Inspirations from around the world is a  social network for fashion-lovers, giving them an opportunity to show off their outfits and express their style.

Anyone can express themselves on Lookbook now matter how different your ideas or your culture may be. To me, being unique is very important and we don’t always see that reflected in stores, on TV or even on blogs.

Lookbook bypasses conventionality and allows each user to show their own identity through clothing. I’ve seen so many amazing pictures from head-to-toe designer, alternative, cosplay outfits, drag queens and people wearing masks and veils.

Now for a round the world fashion trip without leaving your sofa: I present a few of my favourite lookbookers!

Barbie King is a 22 year old student from China. Barbie’s style is wild, sexy and fun. Lots of suspenders with denim shorts, wild hair colours and huge creepers. She seems to transform herself easily, almost a different persona in each photo.

She choose items that suit her petite proportions and even photoshops in wild backgrounds which is allowed on the site but not many Lookbook users utilise this.

I’ve hyped almost all of her looks because they are so eye-catching and original. Check out her style below.


Pic: Barbie King/


    • Awesomeness abounds in Barbie’s photos! Pic: Barbie King/


    • Pic:Barbie King/
Pic: Barbie King/
Pic: Barbie King/
 Jessica Tuong, a “law student and shopaholic” from Sydney has amazing photos. Her style is polished and glamorous, beautiful hair and makeup and structured dresses.  Now this is what you call a photo!
Wish Day Break Dress
Pic: Jessica Tuong/
Witchery Perspex Clutch, Sportsgirl Faux Leather Vest, Koogal Shift Dress
Pic: Jessica Tuong/
I love the tights, boots and dress.
Pic: Jessica Tuong/
Jessica seems to love bright colours which look great on her but I love this black, white and grey ensemble. Plus the photography is breathtaking.
Pic: Jessica Tuong/
Pic: Jessica Tuong/

This is not really my style yet how Jessica wears it makes me fall in love with it! I especially like the makeup and accessories. Check out her blog here.

Another very different lady is the gorgeous Vita K from St. Petersburg. She favours a retro glamour look and her photos are amazing.

The tiny touches in this photo, perfectly coiffed hair, vintage style gloves, down to the the bows on the shoes really make this outfit.

H&M Skirt, New Look Bag
Pic: Vita K./

It looks like a wedding outfit, so feminine and dainty.

Zara Coat, Asos Dress
Pic: Vita K/

A gorgeous winter outfit, it’s tempting to forgo stylish outfits when it’s cold outside but this girl is rocking a feather skirt and lace sleeves in Russia…it can’t be warm….respect!

Also knee high boots are really hard to wear without looking overly sexy but she can pull off this look so easily.

Coat, Skirt
Pic: Vita K/

Another winter outfit, looks both cosy and stylish, covering all weather eventualities with boots and jewelled gloves. And I need that bag in my life!

While winter seems to kill style stone dead in many countries ( puffy jackets with furry hoods/generic khaki jacket wearers I’m talking to you) Vita somehow oozes opulence in winter clothing. Perhaps it’s a Russian thing.

This is her blogand there’s a feature to translate to English.

Hybrid Dress, H&M Bag
Pic: Vita K/

Oh hang on there’s the bag again.  It looks designer but is actually from H & M. This colour combination shouldn’t work but it does.  Her figure looks amazing and I love the clash of the turquoise shoes and earrings. If you looked up “bombshell” in the dictionary, this is what you’d see.

Pic: Vita K/

Salivating over the details!

Pic: Vita K/

A modern take on Jackie O, updated with pastel colour clash and perspex necklace. Lana del Rey eat your heart out.

Pic: Vita K/

This girl was made to wear beautiful dresses and skirts, I doubt she owns a pair of jeans. She reminds me of Paloma Faith.

But she’s not too serious as this photo shows! The bag is from Asos and most of her clothing is from Zara, H&M etc. so although she makes it look high-end, it’s actually affordable. I love black and white and brocade so it’s just perfect. More feminine glamour here.

And now for a girl who has fun! I love glamorous fashion but I also think it’s great to have fun while making a fashion statement. Stephiee N, a creative director of JapanLA clothing from Los Angeles certainly knows how to do this.

Black Milk Clothing Green Galaxy Leggings, Locketship Space Cat Double Ring, Zebras In Space Sweater, Jeffrey Campbell Ruffled Leather Boots, Tarina  Tarantino Sparkly Heart Necklace, Chubby Bunny Metallic Disco Bow Headband
Pic: Stephiee N/

Colourful, crazy and cool! I love anything with galaxy prints.

Pic: Stephiee N/

About as much black as you’ll find in her outfits!

Khaki Boots, Yellow Stockings, Toy Story X Bossini Round Up Cape, Liz Lisa Scalloped Trim Ruffly Skirt, Jesse Cowgirl Hat
Pic: Stephiee N/

Not strictly “a look” but how can you not love someone who photoshops themselves into Toy Story?! Perfect antidote to all the serious posed selfies! 😛

 Bernadette F is a sassy lady who lets the clothing do the talking.

Let's Make Out Print Jumper, Two Way Bag, Leggings, Chunky Heels Shoes
Pic: Bernadette F/

I wish I looked this cool !

Vampire Weekend Print Sweatshirt, Shredded Denim Shorts, Lace Up Martin Boots
Pic: Bernadette F/
Amethyst Cross Necklace, Blazer, Long Sleeve Asymmetrical T Shirt, Skirt, Boots
Pic: Bernadette F/
Wide Brim Hat, Buttoned Pockets Denim Shirt, Floral Hem Denim Jeans, Metal Sharp Toe Thin Heels
Pic: Bernadette F/

 Cool as fuck

Woolen Coat, Nouveau Grunge Print T Shirt, Studded Bag, Suspender Pants, Platform Ankle Boots
Pic: Bernadette F/

She is lucky enough that she can wear pretty much anything. 35k fans on Lookbook doesn’t lie, she has style in SPADES!

Now to Brazil and the fabulous Vanessa Vasconcellos.

Chiclet Store Ethnic, Chiclet Store Black Destroyed Denim, Marta Maria Gladiator Golden, Kafé Western, Kafé Leather Bracelets
Pic: Vanessa Vasconcellos/

This girl has the body to pull off anything and in accordance with Brazilian temperatures wears shorts and mini-skirts with aplomb.

Levi's Denim Shirt, Levi's Revel Pants, Romwe Eagle Brooch, Bruna Lacerda Studed
Pic: Vanessa Vasconcellos/
Pic: Vanessa Vasconcellos/
Choies Fringed Legging, Bruna Lacerda Shoes, Ma Bags Bag
Pic: Vanessa Vasconcellos/

How cool are these fringed trousers?

Pic: Vanessa Vasconcellos/

Love the styling.  And I happen to have that very skirt! Check her out here.

The very beautiful Konstantina T. from Greece!

Pic: Konstantina T/

 She mixes designer bags with sporty jackets without looking like she’s trying too hard. Kudos!

Pic: Konstantina T/
Dress, Marni Purse, Booties, Diy (Check My Blog Today) Thigh High Leg Warmers
Pic: Konstantina T/

A bit Megan Fox…

Chanel Dress, Chanel Bag, Booties
Pic: Konstantina T/

or a bit Nicole Scherzinger?! All her looks here.

My own lookbook  can be found here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for your support! 🙂 My next project is helping my friend Dani make her wedding dress, I’ll post about this soon. Thanks as always for reading my blog and don’t forget to check out my InstagramTwitter and Facebook page here.