Deadly Dupes

Calling all trainer fans: Do you love Adidas Originals but don’t have €85 to hand over for one pair of shoes? Do you spend your days salivating over Stan Smiths and Reebok Classics? Here’s how you can get yourself some great dupe runners without breaking the bank. is a website which sells replica runners at bargain basement prices. I discovered this site when I saw amazing Adidas Superstar replicas on fellow blogger Jude’s Law Facebok page. You can buy pretty much any kind of runner on this site for a fraction of the price, i.e. Superstars for €16. They also have New Balance, Nike, Converse etc.

Adidas Superstars. Pic:

There are lots of different sellers operating on here so be sure to check the feedback regarding each one before buying. I haven’t ordered anything from here yet but I intend to soon.

These are probably manufactured in China so don’t expect next day delivery! The site is quite confusing as it lists all styles as mens/womens and there are a lot of generic descriptions and colours that don’t correspond with pictures etc. It’s like Ebay in the sense that you can make an offer to a seller and leave feedback on purchases.

If you like Stan Smiths, then try Penneys. These lookalikes were just €8, about one tenth of the cost of the real thing! Needless to say, Penney’s shoes won’t last as long but if you are broke, they’re the perfect option.

Stradivarius is another option for Stan Smith lookalikes. I particularly like these perforated styles with heel tab details just like Stan Smiths. These are just under €26 and would look great with jeans.

My favourite trainers are Reeboks and I’m loving the gorgeous new colours from gold to pearlized blue. Bershka have gorgeous peachy trainers which are a dead ringer for Reeboks for only €35.99.

Peach runners. Pic: have a great selection of inexpensive runners. Among the ones I liked best are these gold runners which look like a hybrid of Air Max and Reebok and are only €37.50.

Good news if you’re a broke student, Missguided accept UNIDAYS discount so you can get 30% off all full price items also. These also come in silver and look way more expensive than they are.

Gold runners. Pic:

Asos’s own brand shoe collection is always worth checking out, they have lots of dupe styles including metallic toe runners which are just like Adidas Originals.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, if you know anywhere that sells great dupes leave me a comment and let me know. If you love a good dupe, then be sure to check out my post on dupe bags also.

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How to style camouflage print

Spring 2016 has brought us a tricky new trend-camouflage! Not “military style”,  not khaki jackets but actual camouflage print.

The last time I wore a camouflage item was a scrunchie in secondary school… Kind of wish I still owned it now! I also had a mini camouflage backpack which I dearly miss 😥

Now I’ve seen a lot of camo leisurewear but I implore you if you have the urge to wear a camo onesie or tracksuit please don’t leave your house and keep the blinds closed.

Camo print looks best on structured fabrics, camo tracksuits and embellishment is just tacky.

And one item of camouflage or one accessory only, do not wear this print head to toe even if you are Rita Ora! (Sorry Rita, love ya hun).

Rihanna however, is the exception that proves the rule.

riri camo queen.jpg
All hail Camo Queen Riri

The following are examples of how NOT to do camouflage.



Bershka has some great cheap camouflage looks like these cute shorts for holidays and camouflage jeans for staying here in Ireland 😛

camo jean shorts.jpg

These shorts would look great with a black or white t-shirt and a light denim shirt.

camo shorts.jpg


These cropped camo jeans are great for summer.

camo jeans.jpg


Camo jackets enjoyed a moment a few years ago but this year it’s all about camo shirts.

This faded vintage one from Asos looks great. These shirts are best worn oversized for a rough and ready vibe!

camo shirt


Nasty Gal also has a really cute faded camouflage t-shirt.

faded camo.jpg

I predicted this print would be popular and included a camouflage skirt in my A-line skirts post which has since gone on sale.

It’s now only €23 on, bargain!

camo a line skirt


Apparently, there is such thing as a Michael Kors camouflage bag…I’m dumbstruck.

Stick to rucksacks, drawstring rucksacks and small bags like this one from Shein.

sheinside bag.jpg

Henry Holland is one of my favourite designers and I’m obsessed with the House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights designs.

camo tights.jpg

And if you’re a sneakerhead, Nike has camouflage print Air Ones and Roshes.

thea air max camo.jpg

As for coloured camouflage-the jury is still out. A verdict is not expected any time soon!

I bought these camouflage jeans in Bershka with a Christmas voucher so it didn’t cost me anything. I liked them for a while but they are very low-rise and therefore, not the most flattering fit!

The other issue with camouflage jeans is that there are few options to pair them with.

A relatively plain black or white tee is probably your best option and opt for a neutral shoe like my white trainers in the main image.

Another camo item I picked up was this Penneys rucksack with pink piping, it’s grand for throwing a few bits in, especially if I’m going somewhere for a night.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this trend post, leave me a comment below and let me know if you would wear camouflage or not.

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I believe there is a place for “sports luxe” the gym.

In general, I don’t think sport and fashion should overlap except when it comes to shoes.

Sports runners from Roshes to Superstars to Stan Smiths are now the uniform of every cool kid. Not just for exercising, most people now buy these shoes as a fashion statement.

addidas superstars.jpg
Adidas Superstars. Pic: Pinterest.

They look great with ripped jeans, are super comfortable and if you work on your feet are essential!

Unfortunately, these sports styles are quite expensive but there are always lookalikes and knock-offs.

If you’re a sporty type, rejoice you can wear your favourite kicks with everything from jeans to playsuits and if you prefer a more feminine look don’t worry loads of sports brands now have diversified with prints and colours. Here are some great alternatives for the non-sporty girl:

floral superstars.jpg
Floral print Adidas Superstars. Pic: Pinterest.
silver sneaker.jpg
Silver Nikes. Pic: Pinterest


pink superstars.jpg
Pink Superstars.Pic: Pinterest
paisley nike.jpg
Paisley Air Max. Pic: Pinterest
nike air max insert.jpg
Floral insert Air Max. Pic: Pinterest.
floral nikes.jpg
Floral Air Max. Pic:Pinterest

Classic Adidas Superstars, Adidas Originals and Stan Smiths are my favourite type of sneaker and I’d love to get my hands on any of these shoes to wear with black jeans.

stan smiths
Stan Smiths for all the tennis you will never play! Pic: Pinterest

If you can’t afford Stan Smiths never fear Missguided have amazing lookalikes for €25.20 which is pretty good value.

tennis shoes
Missguided silver tab runner. Pic:
green tennis shoes.jpg
Green tab runner.

Penneys also had a similar style but I’m not sure if they are still in stock. *sob*

I’m wearing them in my Insta pic below.

Of course I can’t do a sneaker post without a shout-out to the most “fashion” runner of them all, New Balance.

New Balance originally started out as an orthopaedic shoe but now reign supreme as a “lifestyle” runner. These burgundy and pastel styles are amazing.

burgundy new balance.jpg
Burgundy New Balance runners. Pic: Pinterest
pastel new balance.jpg
Pastel New Balance. Pic:Pinterest

A great tip I read on fellow blogger Laura’s site was if you are a size 5 or 6 look for New Balance and Stan Smiths in the children’s section! I’m sure this information will change lives! 😀 Thanks, Laura!

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know your thoughts on runners, do you like wearing them or would you rather see them banished to the gym?!

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