An injection of FUN: The latest S/S ’17 trends

Gingham, pink, embellished jackets and oriental prints: all kinds of whimsical and fun trends are in fashion this spring.

While I was out shopping for graduation dresses, I got quite distracted by all the new trends in town and thought I’d do a post to share them with you.

By the way, there’s a grand stretch in the evenings altogether!

One trend I really love so far is gingham. Particularly if it comes in the shape of a bardot top or has a few frills on it.

I can get on board with a head-to-toe ensemble either. Yaasss.

Gingham mini skirt. Pic: Lasula Snapchat

These Topshop gingham blouses are great for casual wear or dressy occasions.

Blue, pink or red gingham and simple gingham sundresses are also cute.

Blue gingham crop top. Pic:

Gingham looks great layered over plain colours or as a contrast to a white or black t-shirt.

gingham dress

Let’s observe the fact  that even Christian Louboutin created a pair of country gal style gingham Louboutins.

Gingham Christian Louboutins. Pic: Pinterest

Oriental prints are another huge trend this spring also. I’m a big fan of this royal blue backpack from New Look and pink high heel sandals from River Island.

Pink oriental print sandals. Pic: River

This backpack is €24.99 and also comes in pink.


Blue oriental print backpack. Pic: New

These Kimchi Blue dresses from Urban Outfitters are also really adorable and perfect for summer.

Oriental prints are notoriously difficult to wear so try a simple accessory like this Shein wallet if you don’t want to go overboard.

Oriental wallet. Pic:

But if you do want to go all out check O-Mighty’s cute co-ord sets.

Bright pink is a really popular colour this spring, especially in co-ords, jackets and oversized jumpers.

This little pink suede biker from New Look is a great transitional piece.

Pink suede jacket.

I love the contrast of the red embroidered letters against the bright pink background on this Bershka jumper.

Pink sweater. Pic:

Bershka is your destination for all things pink and cosy, I’m also tempted by these goodies.

How cute is this little pink Shein t-shirt with a cactus detail?

Pink cactus t-shirt. Pic:

Finally, embellished denim and leather jackets are everywhere this spring. Think lace-ups, patches, floral and slogans.

I absolutely love these and need at least one in my life!

This denim jacket with black lace-up ties running up the sleeves and across the back is amazing. #need

Denim jacket with side-tie detail. Pic:

I’m a massive Tove Lo fan so this Junkyard slogan jacket really appeals to me.

Slogan Tove Lo lyric jacket. Pic: Pinterest

As frequent readers know I love a good Etsy original and it’s definitely the best place to find a one-of-a-kind jacket.

The skull jacket is from Corazon Beats on Etsy and the desert scene jacket is from LivingRoomCompany.

And when I win the lottery, I’ll be off to buy this Gucci denim beauty.

alt=<embroidered jacket>
Gucci embroidered denim jacket. Pic:

If you prefer leather jackets, you’ll like these embellished styles from Bershka and Forever 21.

What do you think of these spring trends? Do you have a favourite? Leave me a comment and let me know.

P.S. I finally bought myself a camera so look forward to some more outfit posts and more of my own style on here. It’s something I’ve wanted to introduce to the site for a long time.

FYI- this post was not sponsored or endorsed by any brands mentioned.

I will conclude this spring-themed post with some adorable baby ducks because we all need those in our lives.

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Thanks for reading as always.



Sale shopping tips from a former retail worker

The sale season is upon us and it tends to turn the most sensible people into crazed banshees hunting for a bargain.

Stores are crowded, there are long queues for the fitting rooms and till and shops descend into chaos.

It’s incredibly tempting to buy reduced items but how can you be sure you are buying something of value? Having previously worked more sales than I care to remember I’m well qualified to advise.

Firstly try not to buy seasonal summer or winter clothing in the first few months of a season. It will inevitably be reduced in sale.

The big summer and winter sales serve a purpose, to help the retailers clear seasonal stock (and make them a ton of money).


This is especially important with summer clothing, after all in Ireland you only need a limited amount of bikinis/shorts/sun hats.

Do you really need a sequin bikini?

It’s very satisfying to get your summer clothing at bargain prices mid-season. It’s a matter of patience and playing the waiting game.

Watch out for markdowns ahead of the sale

Shops generally have to do a markdown the day before sale and it’s a mammoth effort.

To prepare in advance, some stores will mark the price tag with a pencil denoting the markdown price. It may look something like 0024. (€24). If you see this, it’s likely to be on sale.

Consider stock at full price and be aware of staggered reductions

Look out for any limited edition collections or outrageous colours or styles. These are often reduced in sale if they are not selling enough units at full price.

Conversely, items that are selling extremely well or basics are unlikely to be reduced.

Some retailers slash prices to half-price almost immediately to sell the stock faster while others will stagger reductions, going down 20%, then 50%, then 70% towards the end of the sale.

Try and go to the shops early in the first few days of sales.

After a few days of sale, the best items are gone and anything left will have been manhandled!

If you have difficulty dealing with crowds, mobility issues or have young children, mornings are a good time to scope out the sales without being trampled.

Weekends and evenings are peak times so beware.

Look out for signs of damage or wear on items before you buy.

Sometimes you can get an extra discount if something is damaged but think carefully.

You will more than likely not be able to return this if you knowingly buy a damaged product.

So if it’s something you can fix like a missing button then go ahead. Any major defects do not purchase. Hold onto receipts in case you change your mind.


Be sure you know the return policy before buying a sale item

Many stores offer both refunds and exchange on sale but some will only offer an exchange. If you aren’t sure, ask.

I tried to return a choker to Forever 21 only to find out they didn’t accept returns on jewellery.

The choker I planned to return but ended up keeping because of the refund policy

Also with some items such as jewellery and small accessories, the retailer may ask you to keep the item in its original packaging as well as keeping the receipt.

When trying on items, take your time.

Ask yourself if you can wear this garment with at least three other things in your wardrobe at home. If the answer is no, then you know what to do. Put it back!

During sales your size may not be available, trying on another size may seem like a good idea rather than missing out.

But if something doesn’t fit correctly it will never ever look good, it’s a waste of money and it will sit in your wardrobe taunting you forever.

Your feet will not grow or shrink and likewise, your body shape is unlikely to alter extremely!

When trying on a jacket, always button it up if it has buttons and check it doesn’t gape or sag. When trying a dress or skirt, walk around, sit or squat down.

This will give you an idea of how much movement the garment allows and whether you feel comfortable with the length sitting down. View yourself from different angles or ask a friend’s opinion.

Fitting rooms are manic during sales periods and some shops may even close them for the first day of sale, depending on how busy it is. So, always keep your receipt if you can’t try the item on.


When trying shoes be careful as sizes may have been mismatched during sale. Be sure to get the correct size and try to walk around in them even if the store is packed.

Think about your personal style and don’t buy something that you know isn’t “you”. Buy items you would happily buy at full price.

Look for good quality materials and staple items

High heels, smart dresses, workwear and handbags are items to look out for. Keep your eyes peeled for leather jackets, bags and shoes.

Leather is very durable and will last a long time. One of my best sale bargains was finding leather brogues reduced from €70 to only €18.

Leopard print brogues
These leopard print brogues lasted years

If you are buying for a special occasion, sales are a great opportunity. It’s easy to pick up a formal outfit for less rather than blowing a lot of money for one day.

Post-Christmas is a great time to buy a new coat at discount so try and hang on to your old reliable till then.

Grey coat
Grey Stradivarius coat I bought in a post-Xmas sale

Check the labels for washing and ironing instructions.

You may see a lovely cheap dress but if it is dry clean or handwash only, ask yourself if you are prepared for the cost/effort of maintenance.

Remember most stores will be displaying full price items after a few days or in one part of the store. So be aware of this area if you came to specifically shop for bargains!

Treat the staff with respect and dignity

It may be hard to locate a member of staff during sales but remain courteous and they will help you with your needs.

Also, most stores tend to hire new or temporary staff at Christmas so if a staff member appears clueless they may be new. There is usually a manager on hand to help with any problems/queries.

Working during a sale can be very stressful and retail staff are juggling several demanding tasks at once. Most of them are on minimum wage also so try to have some empathy and patience when dealing with stressed-out staff and they will extend the same to you.

Best places to shop the sales

Now here are my picks of what’s on sale at the moment and the best stores to pick up a bargain. (Note this is an updated old post so these items will no longer be available).

Zara are fantastic for sale accessories such as this vintage-style belt now €16.99. This would be fantastic with jeans and a check shirt for a vintage vibe.


I also adore this clutch bag that I’ve had my eye on for a while! In black and white and now €9.99!

Image 1 of TEXT WALLET from Zara

If you are looking for cute phone/tablet cases, Zara has these by the bucket load!

For jumpers try Forever 21, I love this cable knit now €15.99.


Stradivarius always has amazing handbags in sale, in particular, this rucksack. Cool, practical and now €15.99!


Their footwear sale is usually worth checking out too, these metallic ankle boots are amazing. (€49.99)


Topshop is a good place to shop the sales, especially to get unusual pieces at reduced prices. Larger Topshop stores usually have concession rails and this is a great place to get a dress/playsuit on sale. Their denim range is also worth a browse.

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on sale shopping – do you love it or hate it?

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Autumn/Winter Trends 2014: Ripped jeans and check shirts

I spent my bank holiday Monday in a constructive manner ..window shopping A/W’s finest offerings. It’s finally starting to feel like autumn outside and I love autumn/winter clothes!

Today I popped into an awesome new(ish) vintage shop Tola Vintage which is in Temple Bar.

They had lots of gorgeous things including the autumn staple checked flannel shirts.

Crop check shirt. Pic: Tola Vintage

While I was in Paris I visited a kilo store in Paris St Germain which had loads of these shirts.

I wanted to buy one but I already had more than a kilo of clothing so I had to say no. This is a cropped shirt so not the most practical for winter.

Urban Outfitters have loads of check shirts (or plaid if you speak American) in different materials. Below are two that caught my eye while browsing.

alt= "Flannel Shirt"
Check shirt Urban Outfitters. Pic:
alt="Flannel Shirt"
Red plaid shirt Urban Outfitters. Pic: Urban
Urban Renewal Overdyed Flannel Shirt
Pic: Urban

Both shirts are from the “Urban Renewal” range. These are items that are upcycled from old clothes and transformed into a new garment.

I spied some amazing scarf-print halter tops with fringe trimming also which I will have to revisit.

Check scarves and oversized scarves are the accessories of the moment. Here are a couple of beauties I found on Pinterest – the bigger the better!

Enlarge ASOS White Tartan Check Scarf
Asos check scarf. Pic:
Cute Check Scarf With Red Stud Purse Click for more
Plaid scarf. Pic: Pinterest
plaid check scarf and jeans
Check scarf. Pic: Pinterest

The perfect partner to a check shirt is, of course, ripped jeans. ]

This my favourite trend of the entire year, I love ripped and distressed jean styles.

Ironically it’s also the only trend Kim Kardashian ever got right. 😛

If you’re unsure about this trend, try a simple style like these Asos ripped knees below.

Image 1 of ASOS Ridley Skinny Jeans in Midnight Dark Acid Wash with Ripped Knees

For a more distressed look, try DIY’ing an old pair. I tried out the trend with an old pair of jeans and set out “destroying.”

1. Mark the area with chalk where you want to rip. Rips generally look best on the knees and mid-thigh area. You will need to place a barrier inside the leg of jeans (like a piece of wood) to prevent any rips or tears going through to the other side.

2. Use a wire sponge, cheese grater or any abrasive item and run it over the area you want to distress. Have patience – denim is a thick material that takes time to wear down!

3. As the denim begins to fray, use your fingers to pull it at the white threads that will appear to create a distressed look. These will fray more with washing so don’t go too mad!

4. Finally, take a scissors (or serrated knife) and score the edges of the holes with the inside of the scissors NOT the tip. It’s very important not to use the tip of the scissors as it will destroy the “distressed” effect.  You want the edges to be ragged and uneven so use the inside blade of the scissors to achieve this.

I used old loose jeans that already had knee rips and am currently adding rips to the thighs.

If you don’t have an old pair then get to Forever 21 as they have great plain jeans for €7 at the moment, they are perfect for customising.

If you’re not sure about what you want here is some inspo! 😉

love ripped jeans
I don't know. I've never been a fan of ripped jeans but I'm started to think they're that a sin? What do you guys think?
Fashionable Combinations With Ripped Jeans - Fashion Diva Design

If that’s all too much effort and you want extreme rips try these bad boys from Asos below.

Massive holes in your jeans aren’t the most practical item you could buy for winter in Ireland but they’re just so cool!

Image 1 of Your Eyes Lie Mom Jeans With Extreme Ripped Front

Ripped jeans used to be the ultimate in tacky clothing but they’ve now evolved into an everyday staple.

To keep them looking classy, cover up on top and wear flats, plimsolls or Converse are best.

Denim jackets also look amazing when ripped and shredded..get creative and see what you come up with.

ripped denim jacket

As for the shoe of the season, the plimsoll is still going strong.

Once plimsolls were “indoor shoes” in national school, they now come in a multitude of styles, colours and textures and are anything but boring. Here are a few I really like.

Image 4 of ASOS DREAMER Plimsolls
Asos check cuties. Pic:
navy plimsolls
Missguided velvet slip-ons. Pic:

These lovely velvet Missguided shoes are available in red and navy at only €22.

Finally, these graphic floral beauties are only €29 from the amazing Folkster.

If you haven’t been to their store in Temple Bar I highly recommend a visit!


Next weekend is their annual vintage kilo sale in Smithfield..I will be attending and reporting back. 😉

Hope you all enjoyed this post. I hope to be writing again soon and I’ve started a separate blog for non-fashion related topics.

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Summer Style

It’s only the first week of May and I have eaten ice-cream (twice) worn shorts (twice) and lay in the “sun” reading Pride and Prejudice (once).

With that in mind, I put together a summer clothes edit.

Topshop tube skirt. Pic:


Topshop Tube Skirt €43

I spotted this last week in Topshop Stephen’s Green and sprinted like a possessed person to the fitting room to try it on with a black top. It’s quite long on me but gorgeous!

I can’t decide what I will wear with it if I get it as it’s such a snug fitting material that tucking in a wifebeater top looks bulky and awkward.

A cropped top in black or a pale blue would potentially work but cropped tops make me shudder!

If you like the print but not the skirt it’s also available in a bodysuit.

Topshop bodysuit

 I impulsively bought a pair of sunglasses in Forever 21 for our one day of sun last week!

I don’t have a picture but they are aviators with chain link detail on the sides.  The closest picture I can find are these Vince Camuto ones above!

I spent the last two summers in America so I got to indulge my sunglasses obsession but I think I will only need one pair this year.. 😛

 I have gotten a few nice pieces in Penneys recently.
Penneys clutch €3
 I got this bag reduced to €3  the other day. I normally hate clutch bags but you can put it around your wrist and I can’t resist studs!
I recently had a slightly disturbing conversation with a friend where we talked about covering our dream houses’ walls in studs (me) and Swarovski crystals (her)…
Taking the unhealthy obsessions too far?! Especially considering my ability to own property is slim to none! 😉
Miss Mode: Porcelain Print
China print dress €17 Penneys
Two of my favourite things combined here: shirt dress and China print!
I love shirt dresses as they are very flattering, you can adjust them to be more or less revealing as you wish and they keep their shape.
This is really summery and the little cut-out panels aren’t as scary as you might think. I think they add a twist to the conservative pattern.
I tried it on and the panels are barely noticeable so I may buy this. Penneys also have cute high-waisted shorts in this pattern.
le chat noir swimsuit.jpeg

Black Milk Swimsuit

Spring/Summer thrifty fashion picks

I’m a little slow off the mark on this one but here are my thrifty fashion picks for S/S 2013!

Pink crucifix Forever 21

I’m in love with Forever 21’s jewellery range and own a fair amount of it!

Every time I walk in (which is pretty much every day as I work just above it!) I have to check out the new jewellery.

I love cross necklaces and the matte pink colour and matching chain is a great twist. Also, it’s super cheap so I’ll be getting one.

Mona Lisa Sweat Sugarpills

mona lisa sweatshirt

Sugarpills is an amazing new brand and I absolutely love their irreverent trademark images usually taking something well-known like this Mona Lisa and give it a modern feel!

Most of their stuff has quite a unisex vibe, this top could work for a girl or a guy and I saw pictures of both guys and girls rocking it!

American Apparel Print Denim Shorts


Where to start these are just gorgeous! They are high-waisted which is really flattering although not after a big dinner! 😛

I spend a disproportionate amount of time in American Apparel literally drooling at their gorgeous clothes and I will try these on when/if we get better weather.

I would wear them with a plain top and ideally a tan…

They also come in a blue and white print if you don’t fancy this one but these just scream summer to me.

Cambridge Satchel Company “The Chelsea”


The Cambridge Satchel Co. have really amazing simple leather bags and this collection is no exception. It’s a new range of pastel colour satchels in cream, lavender, peach and blue.

I picked the pastel blue to show as blue is my favourite colour.

If the Cambridge Satchel Co. is a bit out of your price range (mine too) try LYDC in Soho Market in Stephen’s Green for lookalikes or

Print Backpack Forever 21

alt=<print backpack forever 21>

I love backpacks but haven’t bought one yet. It’s a bit too close to a “school bag” for comfort but yet so cool!

This really caught my eye though, again love the print. I also like the denim and studded ones that are doing the rounds. Let me know what you think, would you go for one or is it a bit inconvenient?

Spike Pumps Miss Selfridge

These Miss Selfridge shoes actually went into sale but unfortunately, my size was miles too big for me and the next size too small. 😦


Spikes and studs are still everywhere and I absolutely love them and have a ridiculous amount of spiked and studded clothing! Love these bad boys!

Finally, china print/willow prints will be huge this year and I love them.

 Penneys Dress.


Update: I found this in the charity shop for €4 five years on…

Hope you all enjoyed this post. I haven’t included any prices except ones I was certain of as I got some of the items from websites and the currency conversions are sometimes incorrect. Happy shopping!

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