DCU’s ‘Life Imitates Art’ Fashion Show 2019

The Helix Theatre played host to DCU Style’s annual fashion show last Thursday, a colourful kaleidoscope of art, fashion and music.

The theme of the night was ‘Life Imitates Art’ with famous paintings serving as backdrops and inspiration for the show.

The night kicked off with a stunning dance routine to Billie Eilish’s hostage performed by two incredibly lithe athletic girls.

Fresh back from a stint at London Fashion Week, bubbly 2fm DJ and fashionista Tara Stewart was on MC duties for the night.

The Aussie native paid homage to Irish design by wearing a custom multi-coloured Helen Steele creation and called for a round of applause for her dress when she took to the stage.

Diversity was evident on the catwalk with models of different heights, shapes, sizes and colours strutting their stuff in a confident fierce manner.

The Helix resounded to the sounds of Kanye West, The Carters and Lizzo as the models sashayed down the runway.

Models wearing Oasis

With a one-year modelling contract with 1st Options up for grabs on the night, it’s no wonder they were bringing their A-game.

The deal went to Jack Deignan, a proud moment for him and his family as a fashion insider told us his mother had flown in from Hong Kong for the occasion!

Also impressing the audience were stunning five-foot powerhouse Tara Ellis Cantwell and statuesque beauty Benedicte Akambu, who previously won the 1st Options modelling contract and is now signed to them.

While high-street brands River Island, Oasis and Penneys featured in the show, the majority of the clothing was from local vintage stores and independent designers.

Rebirth of Cool and Retro Vintage

These included Tola Vintage, Dublin Vintage Factory, Rebirth of Cool, The Harlequin, Nine Crow St, White Noise, Wise Guy, Charlotte’s Love and Heartbreak Social Club.


Dublin Vintage Factory menswear

The show was a testament to the strength of Dublin’s independent fashion scene.

The attention to detail in styling, curating and casting the show was evident throughout the night.

Tailoring and formal wear from Folkster and Magee

Magee tailoring and Collar and Cuff suits were paired with Folkster’s dainty occasionwear for an elegant look with Dizzee Rascal’s Dance Wiv Me playing in the background.


Folkster occasion wear

It wasn’t all skyscraper heels as models went barefoot and let the clothes do the talking for Charlotte’s Love to the sassy sound of Lizzo’s Boys.

While The Carters’ Apeshit hyped up the already excited crowd as models showed off Selfmade’s one-of-kind painted and print designs.

Standout pieces included Folkster’s embellished jackets, a shin-length Nine Crows fur coat modelled by Benedicte Akambu, a see-through red plastic mac styled with leather look leggings also from Nine Crows, an adorable Tola Vintage red and yellow check skirt styled with a turquoise Lacoste polo shirt worn by Qichen Hu and a black Wise Guy t-shirt worn as a dress on Katie McGowan.

Benedicte Akambu in a Nine Crows coat

Dylan Bradshaw provided the hair styling and Inglot were the makeup artists on the night.

The show was sponsored by some big-name brands including Just Eat, Bank of Ireland, Broderick’s, Spin 1038 and Carter Beauty.

Some well-known faces were spotted in the audience including YouTuber Grainne Binns looking incredible in white over-the-knee boots, black mini dress and a white faux fur coat.

During the show’s interval, we got a sneak peek at some of the up-and-coming Irish talent in the Project Young Designer competition.

Project Young Designer entry
Project Young Designer entry

The designers had to come up with a concept based on the theme of the show and interpret this into their piece.

It was judged by fashion maven Ella de Guzman, owner of popular Dublin consignment store, Siopaella.

NCAD student Heather Gilroy was awarded the prize for her innovative design combining a heavy roll-neck jumper with a light white floaty skirt over lightweight trousers and runners.

Heather Gilroy’s winning design

Heather’s design was inspired by the paintings of Louise Bourgeois with motherhood being the main theme.

She designed the outfit in the hope of modernising and bringing to life the work of Bourgeois through the means of clothing.

Her design will be showcased for all to see in Siopaella’s Temple Bar store.

An honourable mention has to go to NCAD’s John Mangru’s beautiful baroque corset and skirt modelled by Anna Lattimore, inspired by his love of extravagant renaissance paintings.

He used the colours, texture and actual garment references from the outfits in the beautiful paintings.

John said he wanted the outfit to have heavenly and ethereal vibes.

This led to the choice of fabrics that were very soft and light, almost cloud-like.

Anna Lattimore modelling John Mangru’s design

He also wanted to showcase his love of beading and printed textiles on the project.

John Mangru’s design

The show closed with Kanye West’s 2005 hit Touch The Sky blaring and a shower of colourful confetti descending from the ceiling.

The grand finale



A slick professional production from start to finish – well done to the DCU Style Soc and all involved. 

This was actually the first ever fashion show I’ve ever been to, which is mad considering I eat, sleep and breathe fashion!

It was an amazing night and I loved every second of it. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my InstagramTwitter and Facebook page.






Folkster Vintage Kilo Sale Dublin

Today I went to the Folkster kilo sale which was held in Smithfield. As I live nearby getting up early wasn’t too much of a challenge!

I’m the type of person who could sleep 15 hours a day so it has to be a special event for me to be up early.

Last year I missed most of the sale as I was hungover …this year I’m off the sauce for November so no excuses!  I arrived bright and early at 7.45am and already people were queuing up to get the tickets.

I came back at 11.30am to queue inside in the individual zones and at 12pm the floodgates opened!

It was full-on chaos as girls (and a few boys) ran like rabid dogs towards rails of vintage goodies! The items literally flew off the rails as anxious shoppers grabbed what they could. There were 8 zones with 100 people in each so you can imagine the madness!

The queues for the fitting rooms were long but I wanted to try on things properly to be sure I liked them.

It’s too tempting just to grab things at akilo sale and hope for the best but it’s not a good idea! I was hoping to find a check shirt but these were in high demand! I tried on a men’s one but it was absolutely huge on me.

But I had a stroke of luck when I found this lovely blue flannel checked shirt.

I had already left the fitting room so this is where bringing a friend came in handy to give their opinion.

blue shirt edit 2

It felt ironic buying a lumberjack shirt like those my brothers wore all their teenage lives!

But I fell in love with it and it looked great under a leather jacket with the cuffs rolled up.

I’m going to wear this on its own with shorts, black tights, and brogues or with leggings or a leather jacket and jeans. I think it’s a really versatile piece.

jacket and nails edited

I also picked out this shirt, the scarf print design caught my eye. I initially wasn’t sure about the short sleeves but when I tried it on it was really cute.

The pattern on the back of the shirt is the coolest part of it!

print shirt front edit

I will wear this under a denim jacket for now and on its own in summer with high-waisted denim shorts or a plain skirt.

Also how cute is it under my pastel lilac jumper or with dungarees?

Grasping the two shirts plus a few more “maybe” items, we joined the extremely long queue for the till.

It was about a hundred people long (no joke, it was like queuing for a concert!

However, we were able to peruse items other people had discarded and I picked up a white crochet cardigan and a 90s patterned bomber jacket.

I decided to hang onto these and discard the things I wasn’t sure about.

crochet cardi edit

Crochet may be associated with grannies but this would be great with leather-look jeans or ripped blue skinny jeans.

bomber jacket 2

I’ve been after a bomber jacket forever-so glad I found one.  I had been searching for a bright one but this would look great with bold colourful earrings to glam it up.

It’s quite big so it’s perfect to wear over a jumper and still be comfortable.

When buying clothes I always try them on and scrutinise them in a mirror however in this case I ended up buying four items and three of them I hadn’t seen on myself! I had to rely on my friend’s opinion.

As it was a vintage sale, its pretty hard to find your exact size so you have to try on or buy oversized items. I got very lucky with my items and found things that looked good oversized.

My items came in just under a kilo at €19 or €4.75 per item.

The clothes were priced at €20 per kg for most items and accessories were priced separately. I was delighted with the value and wished there were more things left to buy!

My only disappointment was that I was unable to find a nice handbag but there’s always next time!

I decided not to get too carried away as I didn’t want to end up with a lot of things that didn’t fit. Amazingly my resolve held..many of my fellow shoppers were happy to make up for that!

My tips for anyone heading to a kilo sale are bring an honest friend for opinions, a pocket mirror, wear something that’s easy to change, bring a bag if at all possible and be prepared for queuing, crowds and a little bit of madness!

As I spent a significant proportion of my adult life working in fashion retail (including working at the Next sale which makes war zones look tranquil) I wasn’t too fazed.

There was also a pop-up full price Folkster shop but after the scrimmage, we were too tired to look at the full price!

I did have a peek around earlier in the morning and saw some gorgeous jewellery.

Overall it was a fantastic and fun event for fashion lovers and more importantly accessible to all and well organised.

It’s a great opportunity for people to dabble in vintage without spending a lot of money. I have to commend the Folkster team on their hard work, a lot of preparation and planning went into the sale.

Half the female population of Dublin was in attendance along with about 75% of the fashion blogger population so I look forward to reading everyone else’s experiences and opinions.

Thanks for visiting my blog as always. Don’t forget to check out my InstagramTwitter and Facebook page here.


close up touch iup


Autumn/Winter Trends 2014: Ripped jeans and check shirts

I spent my bank holiday Monday in a constructive manner ..window shopping A/W’s finest offerings. It’s finally starting to feel like autumn outside and I love autumn/winter clothes!

Today I popped into an awesome new(ish) vintage shop Tola Vintage which is in Temple Bar.

They had lots of gorgeous things including the autumn staple checked flannel shirts.

Crop check shirt. Pic: Tola Vintage

While I was in Paris I visited a kilo store in Paris St Germain which had loads of these shirts.

I wanted to buy one but I already had more than a kilo of clothing so I had to say no. This is a cropped shirt so not the most practical for winter.

Urban Outfitters have loads of check shirts (or plaid if you speak American) in different materials. Below are two that caught my eye while browsing.

alt= "Flannel Shirt"
Check shirt Urban Outfitters. Pic:
alt="Flannel Shirt"
Red plaid shirt Urban Outfitters. Pic: Urban
Urban Renewal Overdyed Flannel Shirt
Pic: Urban

Both shirts are from the “Urban Renewal” range. These are items that are upcycled from old clothes and transformed into a new garment.

I spied some amazing scarf-print halter tops with fringe trimming also which I will have to revisit.

Check scarves and oversized scarves are the accessories of the moment. Here are a couple of beauties I found on Pinterest – the bigger the better!

Enlarge ASOS White Tartan Check Scarf
Asos check scarf. Pic:
Cute Check Scarf With Red Stud Purse Click for more
Plaid scarf. Pic: Pinterest
plaid check scarf and jeans
Check scarf. Pic: Pinterest

The perfect partner to a check shirt is, of course, ripped jeans. ]

This my favourite trend of the entire year, I love ripped and distressed jean styles.

Ironically it’s also the only trend Kim Kardashian ever got right. 😛

If you’re unsure about this trend, try a simple style like these Asos ripped knees below.

Image 1 of ASOS Ridley Skinny Jeans in Midnight Dark Acid Wash with Ripped Knees

For a more distressed look, try DIY’ing an old pair. I tried out the trend with an old pair of jeans and set out “destroying.”

1. Mark the area with chalk where you want to rip. Rips generally look best on the knees and mid-thigh area. You will need to place a barrier inside the leg of jeans (like a piece of wood) to prevent any rips or tears going through to the other side.

2. Use a wire sponge, cheese grater or any abrasive item and run it over the area you want to distress. Have patience – denim is a thick material that takes time to wear down!

3. As the denim begins to fray, use your fingers to pull it at the white threads that will appear to create a distressed look. These will fray more with washing so don’t go too mad!

4. Finally, take a scissors (or serrated knife) and score the edges of the holes with the inside of the scissors NOT the tip. It’s very important not to use the tip of the scissors as it will destroy the “distressed” effect.  You want the edges to be ragged and uneven so use the inside blade of the scissors to achieve this.

I used old loose jeans that already had knee rips and am currently adding rips to the thighs.

If you don’t have an old pair then get to Forever 21 as they have great plain jeans for €7 at the moment, they are perfect for customising.

If you’re not sure about what you want here is some inspo! 😉

love ripped jeans
I don't know. I've never been a fan of ripped jeans but I'm started to think they're that a sin? What do you guys think?
Fashionable Combinations With Ripped Jeans - Fashion Diva Design

If that’s all too much effort and you want extreme rips try these bad boys from Asos below.

Massive holes in your jeans aren’t the most practical item you could buy for winter in Ireland but they’re just so cool!

Image 1 of Your Eyes Lie Mom Jeans With Extreme Ripped Front

Ripped jeans used to be the ultimate in tacky clothing but they’ve now evolved into an everyday staple.

To keep them looking classy, cover up on top and wear flats, plimsolls or Converse are best.

Denim jackets also look amazing when ripped and shredded..get creative and see what you come up with.

ripped denim jacket

As for the shoe of the season, the plimsoll is still going strong.

Once plimsolls were “indoor shoes” in national school, they now come in a multitude of styles, colours and textures and are anything but boring. Here are a few I really like.

Image 4 of ASOS DREAMER Plimsolls
Asos check cuties. Pic:
navy plimsolls
Missguided velvet slip-ons. Pic:

These lovely velvet Missguided shoes are available in red and navy at only €22.

Finally, these graphic floral beauties are only €29 from the amazing Folkster.

If you haven’t been to their store in Temple Bar I highly recommend a visit!


Next weekend is their annual vintage kilo sale in Smithfield..I will be attending and reporting back. 😉

Hope you all enjoyed this post. I hope to be writing again soon and I’ve started a separate blog for non-fashion related topics.

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