Coveted Collection: Erdem X H&M 2017

By now, I’m sure you will all have seen the new Erdem X H&M collection. I love designer collaborations but wasn’t able to go to the launch on November 2 as I was working.

I nipped into town last weekend to see if there was anything left but the H&M on College Green appeared to be cleared out, apart from a few pairs of shoes.

There are slim pickings on the official site also, with only one jumper, one shirt, scarves and men’s shoes still left.

I’m a huge fan of this collection mainly because I’m a sucker for anything floral.

The styling also really appealed to me, opulent dresses paired with simple plimsoll sneakers, hoodies over sequin dresses and the use of real flowers in the shoot.

Erdem X H&M dress
Erdem X H&M Pic:H&
Erdem x HM floral dress
Erdem X H&M campaign. Pic:H&

I would definitely buy these trainers if my ankle was ready for them…

Erdem is known for romantic designs, such as these pretty lace detailed dresses, I like the contrast between the floral print and lace and the delicate jewellery.

However, the accessories like the rest of the collection come with a relatively high price tag, €22.99 for a hair clip!

These trouser suits are just divine, too nice to be wasted on work!

ErdemXHM suits
Erdem X H&M. Pic:H&

Needless to say, this collection doesn’t come cheap and customers are also limited to buying one of each item.

One of the more “affordable” items is this hoody coming in at €59.99. I later saw it on eBay selling for €84!


One of my favourite pieces from the collection is this beautiful dress.

Erdem x H&M long floral dress
Floral print dress Erdem X H&M. Pic: H&

Apparently, there were queues outside College Green in Dublin and I can totally understand why.

The H&M site also crashed from all the eager shoppers logging on!

This is the first time Erdem has produced a menswear collection and it’s every bit as covetable as the ladieswear collection.

From sharp tailoring to laid-back pyjama style tops and trousers, the menswear is stylish and suave.

Erdem menswear
Erdem menswear. Pic: H&
ErdemXHM mens floral shirt
Floral men’s shirt. Pic: H&

For research purposes, I trawled eBay to see if there are any pieces available online.

There were lots of offerings on eBay but the competition was fierce with 25 bids on one blouse for example.

If you do decide to buy a piece online, check the seller’s feedback before purchasing and be prepared for a bidding war!

There are some items for sale with just photos from the campaign, I would steer clear of these and look for items which the seller has taken themselves and check for details such as the tag.

This beautiful vintage crocodile handbag with floral interior is listed on eBay and so far no bids on it but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing! It’s listed for €90 and retailed at €99 on the Irish site.

Erdem X H&M crocodile bag
Erdem X HM crocodile bag. Pic: H&

These fabulous floral boots in a size six are also listed by a different seller but they’ll set you back a whopping €300!

erdem floral boots
Erdem X H&M floral boots

If anyone has bought a piece online, let me know because I would love to get my hands on pretty much anything from this collection.

Hope you enjoyed this post, leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of the collection.

Thanks to Olivia from the H&M press office for kindly providing me with photos for this post.

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alt=< versace dress>

Gianni Versace: Paying homage to the legendary designer

Someone once asked me who my favourite designer was and I had to think.

I don’t believe in blindly buying designer items just because they’re expensive or being in head to toe in designer clothing.

Naturally, my bank balance doesn’t permit me to own any designer clothing anyway but I do have a fab DKNY rucksack which I got for €6!

90s versace

But back to my favourite designers: I have two.

Moschino is my current favourite but Gianni Versace has to be my all time favourite designer. I love his scarf prints and 90’s designs.

Versace is not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s garish (some would say tacky!), loud, colourful and in your face.

The jewellery is gold and ostentatious but that’s what makes it so great!


I think the 80s and 90s supermodels were far edgier and I love shots like these.

Naomi, Kate, Christy, Claudia, Linda et al. have a lot more attitude than the doe-eyed blank faces of Gigi and Kendall and the attention-seeking Cara Delevinge.

black and gold versace
sequin versace
helena christensen

The most Versace-inspired item I own is this Topshop scarf print dress which everyone who saw it fell in love with!

topshop dress

I also have this gorgeous green jacket which was about €6 from a charity shop and comes out every summer! (These photos are from the early days of the blog..)

scarf print jacket

scarf print edit

So, if you’re looking to get your paws on some Versace lookalikes, the best place to try is Etsy or Ebay.

Reworked sports bras are really popular right now such as this one from seller babydollcc.

Although if you have the sewing know-how something like this can easily be created at home!

reworked versace

Versace was influenced by Greek mythology and that is why the Versace logo is the head of Medusa.

This Versace style t-shirt would look great with jeans and flats.

Available from flowertea65 on Etsy.

medusa head

If you are in search of a real Versace piece online be careful some shops may use the word “Versace” to describe a piece but their item is listed as “Versace-style” or “not associated with any brand name.”

Personally, I think buying second-hand designer online is risky and would try a high-end second-hand shop such as Siopaella or Portobello rather than an unknown.

Their sites are reliable and have genuine pre-owned designer items.

The shirts below are all vintage Versace style, available from SuccessDress on Etsy.


Genuine Versace jewellery can be found online! Bags and watches can fetch thousands.

Even Versace buttons can be found for sale on eBay.

These Greek god head earrings are only €9.90 from The Flea Style Market, I’m getting a pair as soon as payday arrives.

Versace style earrings

Nine Crow St also have some jewellery in this style.


Or this chunky gold chain from Bershka.

gold chain.jpg


I bought these stunning Versace style heels from Missguided but had to return them as the heel was really thin and I couldn’t walk in them!

They were from the premium Peace + Love collection but they weren’t better quality than any other shoes you’d buy online from a similar site.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I updated it because I’ve been watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace and I’m obsessed!

I want to go to Miami and visit the mansion..maybe one day!

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My next post will be on Angel Haze’s Academy gig, really excited for this.

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Chupi’s 10th Anniversary

This evening I attended the 10th anniversary of Irish jewellery label Chupi.

Chupi Sweetman is one of Ireland’s most successful jewellery designers, known for her delicate pieces inspired by nature and the wild.

I love looking at the Chupi instagram account so I was dying to see the collection in real life!

The event was held upstairs in the Powerscourt centre and was decorated with gold balloons and bunting.

Chupi herself looked amazing in a flesh colour dress with white lace floral details, in the style of For Love and Lemons dresses. She also had a gorgeous gold hairpiece.

I went with a fellow jewellery fanatic Siobhan from Aquaruby so I was in good company. 🙂

We got a glass of wine first thing and browsed all the gorgeous jewellery on display.

Unfortunately, I’m still restricted by the student budget so I wasn’t buying but had a lot of fun looking. I wore a vintage shirt, black jeans and snakeskin boots to the event.

outfit at chupi launch sharp

These are some of my favourite pieces from the collection. I loved the Constellation pieces especially each representing a star sign.

alt=<constellation necklace>
Constellation necklaces
alt=<chupi jewllery>
Chupi jewellery

I also fell in love with the Crown of Love laurel leaf earrings which can be worn as an earring or ear cuff.

alt=<gold crown earrings>
Crown of Love earrings

The farthing coin Worth your Weight in Gold earrings are amazing, a little piece of history in the palm of your hand. Available in silver, gold or rose gold.

Worth your weight in gold earrings. Pic:

Outside a girl offered to take a polaroid picture of myself, Siobhan and her friend Meabh.

The picture came out lovely and we actually drew straws over who should keep it! I won 😛

Polaroid picture!

As well as the delicate gold pieces, there were also gorgeous colourful pieces like these beautiful rings.

  alt=<colourful rings>  alt=<blue ring>

And while I normally don’t wear rings, I did fall in love with the One in Million star ring below.

 alt=<gold star ring>   alt=<mirror>

The Wild Ivy leaf earrings below were another favourite. These are cast from a real ivy leaf.

alt=<globe> alt=<gold leaf earring>  alt=<belljar>

The swan feather necklace and I Can Fly earrings below on the right are exquisite. Again these were cast using real swan feathers and are plated with rose gold.

alt=<rose gold feather earring>       alt=<gold bracelet>

We also got a lovely goody bag with a cute notebook and pencil-perfect for college! I really wanted some nice stationary for college so I was thrilled.

alt=<chupi stationary>
Cute stationary

 It was a lovely evening and it’s always great to see Irish and independent designers doing well.Here’s to the next ten years of Chupi.

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Spanish Wedding & Trip to Madrid

I promised a post on the wedding dress I was helping my friend Dani to make and here it is at last! In the past, I studied basic dressmaking at an evening class in Galway and designing and making clothes has been a passion of mine since I was a kid.

Dani is a qualified designer so she made the body of the dress but I helped with the decorating. It was a strapless dress covered in tulle flowers and pearl beads sewn onto each flower.

Each flower petal was painstakingly decorated with beads and as you can see the dress has hundreds of flowers on it. I only did a little bit of work on it so you can imagine the effort involved on Dani’s part!


I really loved working on the dress despite how time-consuming it was. I worked on some of the flowers at the back and the edges.

I would take a piece of tulle, sew on the beads in tiny rows on the petals then pin it in place on the dress. The body of the dress is quite simple, the decoration, however, took months for Dani to complete.

I worked on some of these flowers at the back. The veil was bought but matches the dress perfectly.

I’m not someone who always loves traditional wedding dresses but this dress is just exquisite. Knowing the work put into it also makes it very special!

I worked on some of the flowers on the edges and the back.

We got pins and needles and backache from sitting down labouring over the tiny petals. I really love dressmaking and would like to do more.

I believe weddings are overly commercial nowadays and making your own dress is one way to reduce this and be original. However, to make a dress like this requires serious dedication!

Every single bead hand-sewn on!!!

The big day arrived and Dani looked incredible!




My own outfit consisted of a green satin dress that I keep for special occasions. It’s very glamorous with silver bead straps and a ruched front.


I added some gold and green earrings from Forever 21, green sunglasses and cream heels with floral details.


After the wedding which was held in a town called Valladolid, two hours from Madrid I headed back to the capital to explore with my friend.

Madrid is very authentic and more “Spanish” than Barcelona.

You have to make the effort to “hablo espanol” and they seemed to understand my Spanglish at least 50% of the time!

132 - Copy - Copy
Campo Grande Valladolid
108 - Copy - Copy
Valladolid-the town no-one can pronounce!

169 - Copy - Copy

178 - Copy - CopyPlaza Mayor Madrid

236 - Copy


217 - Copy

Of course I looked in the shops 😉 The flower ring is from a shop called Tierra, find them on Facebook here.

I also browsed in Brandy Melville and had a look at Topshop’s summer collection!



Flowers, flowers errrwhere!

075I love mock-croc! (Update I bought these back home and they are fabulous!)

Everywhere in Madrid there are beautiful churches and most of the street names have a religious connotation. Each street sign has a picture on it which I loved.

My other favourite thing there was the street performers from a whistling clapping goat covered in tinsel to a human tree in Plaza Mayor.

214 - Copy  198 - Copy

172 - Copy - Copy

171 - Copy - Copy

081 - Copy - Copy

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Let the DIY revolution begin!

willywonka - Oh, So You have a blog? you must be smart

Hello  and welcome to my first post! I have wanted to blog for ages but procrastinated as usual. Also I did think blogging was for  pretentious wankers for a while… 😛  Blogging??! Ain’t NOBODY got time for that! Now I can see its multitude benefits and I really enjoy reading others blogs.  Anyway I will mainly be focusing on my design work and fashion but might go off in a tangent from time to time. 😉

I have been obsessed with clothing, dressmaking and design my entire life and have done dressmaking and art courses to fuel my creativity. Recently due to the fact I was too broke to buy anything new I started making pieces such as studded shoes, cassette necklaces, galaxy print shoes for myself. My friends and even strangers in the street commented on them and admired them. Inspired by the interest I decided to see if my designs would appeal to a greater audience.I set up an Etsy shop and I made a few pieces for friends but I needed to reach more people. Luckily  I got a great opportunity to showcase some of my designs through the awesome Custom Collective team. Custom Collective is the brainchild of Fi Bourke who is a talented Irish designer who wanted to set up a platform for designers and creative minds to showcase their customised products and give people a chance to buy a one-off product or have one of their old pieces upcycled. It’s a fantastic idea and I’m really privileged to be part of this. You can check out some of my designs and other designs on their Facebook page and I will be adding many more soon.

For my first visit to the guys at Custom Collective I made two of my favourite items galaxy print shoes and shorts. I created these with fabric paint and bleach and a lot of imagination. These are a lot of fun to make but quite messy due to the layers of paint and attention to detail required! Check them out below! If anyone is interested in tutorials in how to make these I can try making one.

alt=<galaxy shoes and shorts>

Thanks for my checking out my blog! If you guys have any ideas for designs I would LOVE to hear them!

alt=<galaxy hand-painted shoes>
Seeing stars!

alt=<galaxy runners>