All about that waist

Accentuating the waist is one of fashion’s most tried and tested formulas. But chunky waist belts went out in 2007 and no-one rational would entertain a waist trainer! Enter the corset belt, the sexy and not-so-subtle waist cincher.

Beloved by Bella Hadid, Rihanna and the Kardashian klan, the latest reincarnation of the corset belt has many celebrity fans.

Bella Hadid doesn’t really need help accentuating her waist…Pic:

Corset belts were last seen back when The Pussycat Dolls had a hit and the aforementioned group were probably responsible for their demise.

pcd corset belt.jpg
The girls were known for their lingerie inspired outfits!

However, corset belts don’t have to be trashy. Back in 2011, Alexander McQueen created this beauty, the grandaddy of all corset belts.

Alexander McQueen corset belt. Pic:

Designers such as Manish Aurora and Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini have given the corset belt a 2017 twist with their own unique interpretations of the trend.

alt=< Manish Aurora corset belt>
Manish Aurora butterfly belt. Pic:
alt=< denim corset belt>
Philosophy denim belt. Pic:

The corset belt can be worn multiple ways, over a over-sized t-shirt, a plain shirt, a jumper or a dress.

Although many celebrities have chosen to amp up the sex factor by wearing it with a long t-shirt and knee high boots, personally I prefer it with a casual outfit.

This blue denim corset belt from Bershka is ideal for layering over a jumper dress or t-shirt.

Blue denim corset belt, Bershka. Pic:

This Rare London black belt has a corset detail in front but plain on the reverse, perfect for daywear.

Rare London black corset belt. Pic: Rare even have a two-in-one corset belt and t-shirt dress for only €20!

Corset belt and t-shirt two in one. Pic:

This black leather look belt is one of my favourite corset belts and is currently only €14 on

alt=< black corset belt>
Black leather look corset belt. Pic:

If the Goth/vamp vibe isn’t your thing, try a white or cream belt and pair it with cotton or denim. The high street corset belts are usually about €15 but if you want to try a DIY one, here’s a simple tutorial.

I’ll definitely be trying out this trend, after all it beats going on a diet! Do you like corset belts or do you think they are overrated? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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Where to buy a band t-shirt and how to style it

Band t-shirts are a slightly controversial fashion statement. Genuine fans wear them to express their love for an act but they’ve always been a popular choice among fashionistas also.

This old reliable is making waves right now so here’s a look at some of the best band t-shirts available at the moment. have a great selection this year from Nirvana to Guns N’ Roses to The Doors.

This black Nirvana t-shirt is quite baggy, ideal for a casual look.

Black nirvana tshirt. Pic:

Band tees don’t have to be just short sleeved round-necks, Boohoo also have cut-out shoulder and long sleeve styles.

This Guns N’ Roses style is perfect for a night out, while the long sleeved Rolling Stone one is great for layering coming into winter.

For a vintage or upcycled band t-shirt, check out Etsy and Asos Marketplace.

ShopKashmir on Etsy have the coolest oversize band-tshirts with lace up inserts. These are a great one of a kind look.


Fresh in Temple Bar is a great place to pick up customised clothing and I love their lace-up t-shirt dresses. They’re €30.

If you prefer your band t-shirt a bit more distressed, BleachdClothing on Etsy sell cool customised ones. Bear in mind, unique customised band t-shirts don’t come cheap, all of the Etsy ones I saw were €40+.

These band tees have been given a modern spin with a cut-out neckline and bleaching. This is pretty easy to do at home if you enjoy customising.

RoadkillVintage have some slightly cheaper styles such as this Kiss t-shirt with slashed sides for €25 on Etsy.

Kiss T-shirt. Pic: RoadkillVintage,

This Van Halen tour t-shirt from is also a great choice, looks like a real vintage t-shirt complete with list of tour dates but is cheap as chips at €9.09.

Van Halen tee. Pic:

Shein also sell some great crop tops, like this grey Guns N’ Roses one.

Guns ‘n’ Roses Grey crop top. Pic:

Naturally Nasty Gal have the coolest rock t-shirts known to man.

If you’re a true rock fan sick of wearing oversize men’s shirts, now is a great time to finally  get your favourite band tee in your own size.

If you just love the look, band t-shirts are perfect with black leather jacket, jeans and boots. Attitude optional.

I’ve styled my Missguided Guns n’Roses one with a vintage leather skirt and holographic heels for going out but it’s just a good under a denim shirt or with shorts for daytime.

I really like that it has a list of tour dates on the back, making it look more authentic. I bought this in a medium for a looser fit.

And you can also layer them under a bomber in colder weather.

While on holidays in San Sebastian, I picked up this Iron Maiden one which I think looks great with blue jeans or shorts and a bandana.

Do you like band-tshirts? Or do you think they should be only for gigs? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Lace Me Up

The latest trend I’m loving is the lace-up and lattice detailing. It’s very sexy and edgy, the perfect mix of gothic and punk.This style has been completely reincarnated from what it used to be. If you remember the early 00s trend of jeans with lace-up crotches (eww) please don’t worry, the revival is nothing like this.

alt=<lace up jeans 00s>

patchwork lace up jeans

alt=<paris hilton>

Now forgive Paris for her sartorial sins and let’s move on!

Nasty Gal have nailed this trend with some amazing styles like these lace-up Tripp NYC trousers.

alt=<nasty gal lace up trousers>

These trousers might be a little out there for some people’s tastes but I would buy them if I had the $$$!

alt=<lace-up trouser side detail> alt=<lace-up trouser rear>

Tripp NYC are a brand who specialise in gothic, punk and alternative styles. However styles such as the trousers above and below are slowly creeping into mainstream fashion.They are also available on Asos.

alt=<white lace up jeans>

I also like this Nasty Gal dress with a lace-up front, it incorporates the trend but in a more feminine way.

alt=<lace up dress>

Missguided is also an excellent source of lace-up loveliness! This lattice front bodysuit is €28 and looks amazing for a night out. It also comes in white.alt=<missguided bodysuit>

The obvious dilemma with lace-up styles is that your underwear choices are limited! If you prefer something less revealing, here’s a few items with subtle lace-up details.

This white top also from Missguided is perfect for casual wear.

alt=<white lace-up top>

Asos have a bodysuit with lace-up back detailing which is very pretty.

white lace-up back top

This trend extends to shoes, lace-up flats or ghillie shoes are the ultimate in casual chic. They are glamorous enough to wear with a dress but also look great with jeans.

I love these black patent ones from Warehouse.

alt=<ghillie shoes>

These shoes look best in neutral colours such as black, white and beige. Now there’s a sentence I thought I’d never say!!

However Topshop have brought out gorgeous silver and snakeskin versions.

alt=<topshop ghillie shoes>

topshop silver ghillie shoes

Knee high lace-up boots are also really in fashion at the moment. This is NOT the easiest look to pull off, there’s a very fine line between fashion and trashy.

Very few people can pull these off without looking like (a) a prostitute or (b) Kylie Jenner. I don’t know which is worse…

alt=<Jeffrey Campbell lace up boots>
Jeffrey Campbell lace-up boots
alt=<grey lace-up boots>
Lace-up boots

Alternatively have a range of more demure lace-up heels.

alt=<gladiator lace up heels>

I imagine these laces would cut your feet after a while  but they look great!

alt=<lace up heels collage>

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this post! Let me know if you like this trend. Thanks for reading as always.