Outfit of the day at the Botanic Gardens Dublin

A few months back I had to move out of my rented house and it was quite the ordeal. Not only because of the scarcity of suitable accommodation but also because I loved where I was living (Stoneybatter) and didn’t want to leave the neighbourhood.

However, rental prices trumped my desire to stay in D7 and after looking at a whopping 30 (yes 30 houses), I was finally offered a nice semi-affordable room in D9.

While my new neighbourhood isn’t quite as central or as trendy as Stoneybatter, it does have one major perk – living close to the beautiful Botanic Gardens.

The gardens are one of the most scenic places in Dublin to visit all year round.

Here’s a cosy little outfit I wore while on a day out there recently.

Looking slightly pensive here!

My blue puffer jacket is from Pimkie in Munich, my jeans are River Island, my blue Gazelles are from Schuh and my bag is from River Island also.

Although this isn’t my thriftiest outfit, the jacket was reduced from €60 to €25, the bag was a gift and the shoes were reduced to €58.95 in a Black Friday sale.

And after I bought them my boyfriend kindly offered to pay for them as a Christmas present 🙂 So they ended up being a gift too!

I’m a big fan of River Island bags and accessories and this little blue bag with gold hardware is perfect for days off.

During the week, I usually drag around a giant tote but on days off I switch down to this beauty!

I absolutely love my Gazelles and runners in general but I’m still struggling to adapt to different kinds of footwear with my dodgy ankle.

These are a little flat so I only wear them for short periods at a time.

Even though there are three different shades of blue going on in this outfit, I think they somehow work together.

Rocking my new puffer jacket

I bought the jacket in a medium so it would be comfortable to wear over a jumper and it’s super warm and cosy.

It has a lovely velvet texture and the silver zip pull detail makes it look more expensive than it actually is.

I saw similar jackets to this in Zara and Penneys before I went to Munich but they had button fastenings rather than zips.

Botanic Gardens Dublin

I think the zip gives it a little more shape.

Puffer jackets can give me somewhat of a “Michelin man” silhouette especially as I’m petite and curvy on top but this one is quite flattering.

If you are visiting the gardens, a few layers are advisable as you’ll be going from the cold outside into the steamy warm glasshouses.


There’s loads to see and admission is free so you can have a leisurely stroll and learn some interesting facts such as avocado is actually the Aztec word for “testicle”! (No lie!)

The Palm House is a favourite of mine but there are restoration works going on at some of the older glasshouses at the moment so soon the gardens should be even bigger and better.

Shades of blue at the Botanic Gardens

Hope you all enjoyed this brief post. I hope to keep up my posting on here it’s just been difficult lately as my mam has been unwell and I’ve been spending a lot of time off work travelling up and down from home.

My family live in Roscommon so it’s important to try and get down there to spend time with them when I can.

Total outfit cost of this outfit came to over €100, however, getting the shoes and bag as a present did reduce it.

FYI, this isn’t a sponsored post and the gifts were from friends and family.

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Deadly Dupes

Calling all trainer fans: Do you love Adidas Originals but don’t have €85 to hand over for one pair of shoes? Do you spend your days salivating over Stan Smiths and Reebok Classics? Here’s how you can get yourself some great dupe runners without breaking the bank. is a website which sells replica runners at bargain basement prices. I discovered this site when I saw amazing Adidas Superstar replicas on fellow blogger Jude’s Law Facebok page. You can buy pretty much any kind of runner on this site for a fraction of the price, i.e. Superstars for €16. They also have New Balance, Nike, Converse etc.

Adidas Superstars. Pic:

There are lots of different sellers operating on here so be sure to check the feedback regarding each one before buying. I haven’t ordered anything from here yet but I intend to soon.

These are probably manufactured in China so don’t expect next day delivery! The site is quite confusing as it lists all styles as mens/womens and there are a lot of generic descriptions and colours that don’t correspond with pictures etc. It’s like Ebay in the sense that you can make an offer to a seller and leave feedback on purchases.

If you like Stan Smiths, then try Penneys. These lookalikes were just €8, about one tenth of the cost of the real thing! Needless to say, Penney’s shoes won’t last as long but if you are broke, they’re the perfect option.

Stradivarius is another option for Stan Smith lookalikes. I particularly like these perforated styles with heel tab details just like Stan Smiths. These are just under €26 and would look great with jeans.

My favourite trainers are Reeboks and I’m loving the gorgeous new colours from gold to pearlized blue. Bershka have gorgeous peachy trainers which are a dead ringer for Reeboks for only €35.99.

Peach runners. Pic: have a great selection of inexpensive runners. Among the ones I liked best are these gold runners which look like a hybrid of Air Max and Reebok and are only €37.50.

Good news if you’re a broke student, Missguided accept UNIDAYS discount so you can get 30% off all full price items also. These also come in silver and look way more expensive than they are.

Gold runners. Pic:

Asos’s own brand shoe collection is always worth checking out, they have lots of dupe styles including metallic toe runners which are just like Adidas Originals.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, if you know anywhere that sells great dupes leave me a comment and let me know. If you love a good dupe, then be sure to check out my post on dupe bags also.

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The Retro Sportswear trend

I’m not a fan of sportswear outside the gym unless it’s retro sportswear. These retro sports styles are back with a bang this summer.

All those brands which you thought you’d never see again are slowly sneaking back into fashion! Remember Kappa? Umbro?? Don’t believe me?…just watch!

These sports bra style tops from Bershka come in red, white, black and grey, My favourite is the grey with contrasting waistband.

bershka sports top.jpg

Cult 90’s sports brands like FILA and Ellesse are making a comeback on the high street.

This tracksuit top from JD sports is a gorgeous colour and super snug fit.

ellesse blue top.jpg
Img: JD

blue crop top.jpg

Img: JD

Asos can always be relied on to spot a trend and have some great retro t-shirts, hoodies, crop-tops and polo shirts on their site at the moment.

They also even have Ellesse logo bodycon dresses but to be honest I think that’s a bit too much.

I particularly like this FILA t-shirt which looks great with denim shorts rather an all-over sporty look. They also stock Champion sportswear but it’s quite pricey.

fila tshirt.jpg


One of my favourite Instagram accounts is @croptopchannel. I’m in love with their reworked sportswear.

crop top
Img: croptopchannel on

blue adidas top

Img: croptopchannel on

Vintage polo shirts and roundneck t-shirts are great for casual wear. These are from Thrifty Store on Asos Marketplace.

polo shirt.jpg
Img: Thrifty Store on

puma top.jpg

Img: Thrifty Store on

Reworked clothes with sports logo waistbands are really popular on Etsy and Instagram at the moment. From lingerie to bikinis to co-ords, the choices are endless.

This top works as a bralette or bikini from Etsy shop @Baewatch99.

adidas bra.jpg
Img: Baewatch99 on

Also from Etsy are these reworked Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts and crossover bikini with high leg briefs. Visit the Weekendbout store for more.

tommy hilfiger tee.jpg
Img: Weekendbout on

I absolutely love this bikini and the high leg briefs are really trendy this year. Probably thanks to Kylie Jenner. 😛

tommy hilfiger bikini.jpg
Img: Weekendbout on

Do you like the retro sports trend? Leave me a comment below and let me know. I’m looking forward to doing a swimwear post soon, earlier than last year I promise!

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