Kim Kardashian Halloween Outfit

This year I decided to get a little more creative with my Halloween outfit and had a stroke of luck when I found popper tracksuit bottoms at home.

They may have been five sizes too big for me and covered in mud from my brother wearing them to work but all I could see was Kim Kardashian’s mental tracksuit bottom and lingerie get-up!

To transform my pale Irish self into something vaguely resembling Kim, I had to be very creative.

I tried on several black bodysuits before settling on one from H & M which was €25. H & M offer 25% off one item when you subscribe to their emails so I duly did so and only paid €18.74.

The ensemble in all it’s glory!

I always try to use pieces that are already in my wardrobe for Halloween outfits where possible. For instance last year, I was a hippy and wore a bardot top with flares I bought in a charity shop.

Buying a wig however was crucial to the look and I got a long black one for €9.95 from Hairspray. It was fun to have long hair for one night and it made me feel super sassy!

The only issues I had with the wig was my natural hairline poked out a bit and it was also quite hot.

I layered fishnet tights also from H & M under the tracksuit bottoms with black peep-toe heels.


I’m allergic to fake tan but it was crucial for this look so I slapped on the Cocoa Brown and bronzed myself with abandon.

Only for my housemate to say “Where’s your tan Edel? You look so pale!” The photos say otherwise…

Kim K Kostume!

For jewellery, I added a simple black Penneys choker, Versace head earrings from and a bling bracelet from Penneys.

Some eyeliner, black nail polish and individual fake lashes completed the look. A bronze or nude lippie is a Kim K beauty staple but I couldn’t find mine so went with a medium pink gloss.

Versace head earrings from

I got some VERY strange looks as I strode across Dame Street in my popper trackies but what the hell it’s Halloween! In the bathrooms a girl asked me “How’s Kanye keeping?!” and another girl screamed “Yass queen!” at me in the street.

Despite being too big for me, the tracksuit bottoms were so comfy and luckily stayed up all night. Maybe Kim is onto something here….

I decided not to incorporate any “robbery” elements into the costume as that would have just been bad taste! Some booty padding might’ve made it more authentic though…


I wore a bomber jacket out for the night but if I’d had more time I would’ve gotten some white chalk to write Pablo on my denim jacket.

It was great fun to do a celebrity parody costume rather than my usual cartoon character/superheroine get-up and all I really needed was creativity!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween. Leave me a comment and let me know what you dressed up as this year.

It’s me, Kim!

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That ’70s style

I’m not so keen on all the A/W trends this year. Little fluffy bag chains and marabou everywhere, just leave it in the ’90s! The ’70s trend however is much more exciting!

1970’s. What do you immediately think of?


This guy and this font!

alt=<Austin Powers>


alt=<Jerry Hall>
The beautiful Jerry Hall. Pic:
alt=<farrah fawcett>
Farrah Fawcett being majestic. Pic:

The key ’70s trends were bell bottoms (flares), fur gilets and coats, bright prints, crochet, waistcoats, hot pants, florals, knee-high boots, peasant dresses and massive bell sleeves.

70s dresses
Louis Feraud dresses. Pic:
70s bell sleeves
HUGE bell sleeves
alt=<crochet hotpants>

Looking at the high-street stores, I thought some had very loose definitions of ” ’70s style.” For instance, some shops had just stuck paisley print on everything and hoped for the best!

This white faux fur coat from Topshop is the ultimate in glam. At €125 it’s quite expensive but faux fur coats are so warm and cosy, an investment piece for winter.

alt=<topshop fur coat>

Another great piece from Topshop are these tailored flares. Ideal with platforms and a floral blouse if you want to maximise the ’70s look.

alt=<brown flares>

Warehouse meanwhile focused on funky prints such as this tapestry blouse. I would wear this with dark denim jeans.

alt=<tapestry blouse>

I don’t normally shop in Warehouse as it’s quite expensive and I think their clothing is a bit muted for my tastes but I love the new collection, especially this paisley babydoll dress.

alt=<paisley dress>

River Island have taken a big gamble with roll neck tops. Although this top is gorgeous, I don’t know if roll necks/polo necks will ever be cool…

alt=<river-island roll neck>
Pic: River have an amazing flared denim jumpsuit which I believe could transform anyone into a Charlie’s Angel.

alt=<boohoo denim jumpsuit>

The shoe of the ’70s was of course the platform. The bigger and chunkier the heel the better! I had to include the grooviest shoe EVER from American store Charlotte Russe. (This is a shop I’ve been in a few times in the USA, quite cheap over there and worth a look if you are visiting).

alt=<floral platform shoe>
Pic: Charlotte

If you’re more of a disco/Abba lover, then you have to see these River Island metallic platforms. Yes they are insane and yes I love them!

alt=<metallic disco shoes>
Pic: River

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this ’70s post. If you want more ’70s, these are some great blogs dedicated to ’70s style : Superseventies Tumblr, Sweet Jane and for a laugh Plaid Stallions. 

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Fashion Disasters

A while back I wrote a post on 90’s style which got me thinking how about a post on my fashion mistakes from the 90’s/early 00s? UNFORTUNATELY I don’t have pictures but lets face it we don’t need the pictures.

1996-1998-The Formative Years

A green fleece jacket with a black and white check skirt, red and white runners and orange cat print socks. This was paired with a too-short fringe and a menacing grin in my brother’s confirmation photos….

PS..nor did I learn from the too-short fringe and cut my own fringe at the more mature age of 25….here’s the damage!


I also had a yellow fleece which I wore with beige combats…or navy track suit pants which buttoned at the side….

alt="tracksuit bottoms"

The best accessories were friendship bracelets and friendship necklaces. These were a status symbol in primary school.

alt="Friendship necklace"

Oh the ubiquitous Spice Girl necklace and mood rings. And hairbands with your name in luminous writing.

1998-1999 Hair Experiments

I think hair disasters are part of everyone’s pre-teen/teenage years. I had a camouflage scrunchie which I tied my hair up with and left two appealing tendrils down by my face.My hair was long and really fine, it looked horrendous like this!

1999-2000 Hair and Make-up Experiments.

alt=" Lizzie McGuire"

Hair mascara. BLUE HAIR MASCARA. Complete with more face glitter than Kesha and orangey red lipstick. Definitely a great look for the disco. Totally.

alt="face glitter"

I also really coveted cornrows and did two little braids each side of my head with beads at the end. I blame Alicia Keys/Christina Aguilera equally.

alt="alicia keys cornrows"

alt="christina aguilera"

2000- Over-Accessorising.

Bandana and butterfly hair clips…. together!

alt="butterfly clips"


My confirmation outfit was actually quite cute. Purple velvet flared combats and a matching top with a white polo neck inside. (The polo neck was my mother’s idea). I had huge crimped hair with a straight fringe. Silver hair clips and massive clunky black shoes finished the look.


Flares worn only with humongous clumpy heeled shoes (flares ended up being too short) or runners (flares dragged in the mud/rain). Oh and if I found jeans that weren’t wide enough to be flares no problem. Being the creative that I am, I simply cut open the seams slightly on each inside leg. TA-DA, FLARES!

2002 Goth Flirtation

Going to secondary school I wore the same denim jacket over my uniform for about two years. It was a long time before I could wear a denim jacket again. I also tried the Goth look (in private) wearing all black, chains on my jeans and purple eye shadow. Oh and I found a red and white studded leather jacket and wore it every single day. Musical influences included Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne.

2003-2005-The Bling Years

I had LOTS of diamante jewellery and long dangly necklaces and earrings. I was trying to emulate my dubious idols…R’n’B singers and Footballers Wives……

alt="Tanya Turner"
Tanya Turner though
I still like these outfits! 😛

Also I used to buy “sets” with matching earrings and necklaces.Huge studded belts featured heavily also.

2005-2006 Sexy Outfits

Then when I reached “adulthood” (17/18), I had fitted white flared jeans which were paired with a green and white boob tube and a beige jacket. OH and they had diamante on the pockets. I looked so good drinking my Smirnoff Ice..

Or if I wanted to dress down this outfit, I wore the white jeans with a red zip-up tracksuit top. All other casual looks consisted of wide leg jeans and hoodies with slogans such as “Foxy.”

A denim skirt with huge rainbow coloured wedges. The shoes were a size too big also…Also the year of red highlights in brown hair 😥

So there you have the entire litany of disasters. It’s been fun looking back through my fashion disasters and hope it made you smile! Who knows I may find the photos one day yet!  Leave me a comment if you have some fashion disasters to share 😉 As always you can like my blog on Facebook here and follow me on Twitter here. Thanks for reading as always.