Dupe bag alert! Designer lookalikes for under €20!

Dupe bags have a bad name, we’ve all seen (and bought at least once) tacky counterfeit bags on holidays abroad or at dodgy markets.  These days I’m on a quest to find cute dupes for a fraction of the price and here’s where to get them.

There are loads of dupe designs online from Chiara Ferragni, Gucci, Chloe to high street cult brand Skinnydip.

I love  Skinnydip London’s range of bags, they’re cute and quirky  statement pieces. But for a novelty bag they can be quite expensive, sometimes €40+ for a  small bag that can’t be worn everyday. Plus they sell out fast!

Recently I stumbled across bags on Shein.com which are an EXACT dupe for the Skinnydip bags but much cheaper!

chill pill

They have a dupe of the ‘Chill Pill’ bag which is sold out on Skinnydip and was about €35. From what I can see the  only difference is the width measurements are slightly different although they may have confused height and width. It’s made of the same material and provides the length of the chain (120cm) which Skinnydip didn’t specify. It’s currently €18.98 on Shein.com and €17.60 on Romwe.com.

Another popular Skinnydip design was the’Tequila’ hip flask. This is about €35 and sold out on the Skinnydip site. Selfridges.com had about 3 in stock for the same price.

The Skinnydip version…Pic: Skinnydip.com

On Shein.com, the bag comes in four different colours and is on sale at €19.10. I really want the turquoise version! The Shein silver one has a cheaper looking finish, it looks like it’s covered with big glitter flecks, while the Skinnydip one has a smoother looking finish. Measurements are slightly different again, the Skinnydip one looks a little larger. The silver one is also on Romwe for €18.53.

I’ve also found a very similar though not identical dupe for this ‘popcorn’ bag which was originally about €28 from Skinnydip. This was later reduced but then sold out.

popcorn bag skinnydip.jpg
Popcorn bag. Pic: Skinnydip.com

The Shein version is actually cuter in my opinion and is €16.37 at the moment. They seem to be the same size. The Skinnydip one is mixed materials while the Shein is 100% PU.

popcorn bag
Popcorn bag: Shein.com

There are loads of other Skinnydip dupes available on Shein and Romwe from flying spaceships to milk cartons so go check them out!

These ‘Chloe’ style bags are currently on sale on Romwe.com. The black and gold version is €19.46 and €25.94 for the beige and cream.The black and gold one actually looks quite expensive.

While the blue two tone one is to die for and less than €20!

blue chloe bag.jpg
Two tone bag €16.58. Pic: Romwe.com

Super blogger Chiara Ferragni now has her own line of accessories and they don’t come cheap. But you can nab a clutch bag with Chiara’s ubiquitous winking eye design for €13.89 on Romwe.com!

cf dupe bag.jpg
Winking eye bag. Pic: Romwe.com

This small wristlet bag is a great Gucci dupe and quite classy looking. Also less than €20 from Romwe.com.

gucci bag.jpg
Clutch bag. Pic: Romwe.com

And for a Moschino lookalike, try this ‘leather jacket’ bag from Romwe.com again less than €20.

black moschino jacket bag.jpg
Jacket bag. Pic: Romwe.com

As for a dupe bag to avoid see below…

‘Campballs Soup!!’ Pic: Romwe.com

Obviously, these bags will reflect the price and won’t be made of the same material of a designer bag (with the exception of the Skinnydip bags of course) so don’t expect too much from them! I’ve bought from both sites before but only bought a bag from Romwe which was fairly decent quality and got a lot of compliments!

Both of these sites have lengthy shipping times and similar prices so it’s best to suss out the individual deals/discounts before buying. There are other similar sites to these which also sell dupe bags but these are the ones I know best.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, let me know if you liked these dupes and if there’s any I missed! Leave me a comment below and let me know if you’d buy a dupe bag.

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We need to talk about white denim

I have a love-hate relationship with white jeans. Impossible to keep clean, hard to wash and cause all kinds of underwear dilemmas-white jeans are a pain in the arse!

BUT they are also a summer wardrobe staple so I’m sticking with them.

I went through a dangerous white jeans phase when I was younger.

I used to wear white flares with a pair of rainbow stripe wedge shoes far too big for me and a tight green and white boob tube top. Lovely. *shudder*

Thankfully my style has evolved somewhat and I’m willing to try white denim again.

zara white frayed denim
Frayed white denim yes please! Img:Zara.com

It just so happens I was in Penneys with the grand sum of €1.50, “just browsing”.

I was trying on some white jeans when I realised one pair were marked down from €19 to €1! I took this as a sign from the cosmic gods…

These jeans are slightly cropped with multiple rips and a skinny fit. I never wear cropped jeans but let’s face it at €1 it’s worth a try!


I styled these with a light denim jacket, blue and white Gazelle trainers and an oversized men’s logo t-shirt from Bershka.

In hindsight, I’d have left the jacket open and tucked in the tee for a more flattering silhouette but it was quite chilly out in Clontarf!


I really like that these white jeans don’t make my legs look short as I usually find dark jeans more flattering.

They are perfect with flats for a simple summery look.

My above outfit was pretty thrifty, the denim jacket was about €5 in a charity shop, jeans €1, the t-shirt was about €3 on sale.

My shoes are the only expensive piece at €58.95. Total thrifty outfit cost = €66.95.

Here are some other gorge white denim pieces which caught my eye lately.

I also tried on white dungaree shorts in Penneys, I think these are the same pair. It says they’re €15 online but some Penneys may have reduced them.

I love dungaree shorts with a cute coloured t-shirt or a patterned short-sleeve shirt underneath.

white dungaree shorts.jpg
White dungaree shorts. Pic: Primark.com

White denim jackets get a summer update in the form of embroidery.

The floral one is from Topshop and the plainer one is Mango. It has a design on the reverse.


For a great pair of white push-up jeans that fit like a glove, try Bershka. I’ve bought their push-up jeans, they fit like a jegging and are so comfortable.

bershka white jeans.jpg
White push-up jeans. Pic: Bershka.com

 When it comes to white denim, a few rips and subtle embellishment is best. Avoid jeans with loads of detail- white jeans can go from classy to trashy VERY quickly!

This cami top with bow detail on the back is just gorgeous and on sale at Asos.com. It’s reduced from €81 to €49.


And an even better bargain is this fab scallop denim mini-skirt from Pretty Little Thing.com. Only €14!!

plt skirt.jpg
White mini skirt. Pic: PLT.com

These oh-so-trendy Zara shorts come with a cute handkerchief attached. I presume it’s detachable?!

white zara shorts.jpg
White shorts. Pic: Zara.com

 Another Penneys bargain is this white denim shirt. At €11, even I could (almost) afford it 😛 I love the contrast buttons and detail on the pockets.

white denim shirt.jpg
White denim shirt. Img: Primark.com

Just to let you know this isn’t a sponsored post – these are all my personal favourites! What do you think about white denim? Leave me a comment and let me know.

P.S.  The book ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ traumatised me, hence the title, feel free to leave me a comment if you too were traumatised!!

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Festival Frolics


“I want to look weird…but not too weird!” (Two Irish girls discussing festival fashion.)

Dressing for festivals is great fun as it allows you to explore different styles and wear something you might not have considered previously.  Have fun but be mindful and respectful , don’t appropriate an entire other culture!

I’m  considering Longitude again or maybe Tennants Vital as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are playing…hmm… #decisions

Wherever I go, I’m going to dress the part. While I was in Edinburgh, I visited the Topshop on Prince’s St and got loads of ideas for festival outfits.

This shiny mac is perfect as a cover-up.


It would look deadly over this crochet top.


For festivals, I love a playsuit or a t-shirt and high-waisted shorts combo. The pastel playsuit is from H&M and the shorts and Star Wars t-shirt are both Penneys.

Festivals also call for sequins so what could be better than these Topshop shorts with turquoise sequins or the matching denim jacket?


sequin denim jacket.jpg

A sequin bomber is right up my street and this one from We All Shine is also available at Topshop.

sequin bomber topshop.jpg
Img: Topshop.com

This PrettyLittleThing top is on my wishlist, I’m buying it the minute it’s restocked on July 4th!

green sequin plt top

For vintage festival looks, try concessions such as Loving Youth at Topshop. Affordable vintage and cute prints, what more could you want? They have bardot tops, reworked camouflage halternecks, printed dungarees and shorts.



A printed swimsuit works equally well as a bodysuit with shorts or ripped jeans. I’d pair this funky H&M one with fray edge shorts.


It’s not a festival unless someone’s wearing tie-dye. Europe1972 on Etsy have fab tie dye t-shirts like this rainbow one. For a cool hippie vibe, check out their shop.

rainbow tie dye.jpg
Img: Europe1972 on Etsy.com
rainbow tee.jpg
Img: Europe1972 on Etsy.com

Finally patches and iron-on badges are a great way to liven a plain denim jacket. These pastel ones from Jade Boylan Etsy are girly but with loads of attitude!


As for festival hair, little French braids on the crown of the head and Mohawk style braids are where it’s at.


This textured messy braid created by TressesbyTress is the ultimate in festival cool.

textured braid.jpg

I also love this tiny centre braid as seen on Kate Bosworth (remember her?!)

Img: Grazia.com

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this festival post, leave me a comment and let me know what your favourite looks are. Follow me on Instagram and see my Facebook page here. Thanks for reading as always.



Rooftop Vibes

I’ve been experimenting with some outfit posts lately and took some photos on the roof of my old apartment. As I discovered it’s pretty hard take photos by yourself so excuse the dodgy ones. This is a spring outfit, wearing my lovely floral imitation leather jacket from River Island,  blue Bershka jeans, Topshop shoes and the watch is from Urban Outfitters.

I’d lusted over the jacket for ages before finding it on sale for €35, the jeans and lace-up shoes I bought in the Christmas sales. I’d wanted a pair of lace-up ghillie shoes for ages and these didn’t disappoint! However I don’t recommend them for an 8 hour shift on your feet, they are too flat for that.

side of jacket

I really like the stitching on the sleeves and the zips. The only issue I have with biker jackets is they can be very small-fitting and the next size up was too big. So I’m restricted to wearing only a thin top or jumper inside.

watch edit

This is one of my favourite summer looks and I’m looking forward to posting more looks soon.

shoes edited

IMG_0628 edited

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The Retro Sportswear trend

I’m not a fan of sportswear outside the gym unless it’s retro sportswear. These retro sports styles are back with a bang this summer.

All those brands which you thought you’d never see again are slowly sneaking back into fashion! Remember Kappa? Umbro?? Don’t believe me?…just watch!

These sports bra style tops from Bershka come in red, white, black and grey, My favourite is the grey with contrasting waistband.

bershka sports top.jpg
Img: Bershka.com

Cult 90’s sports brands like FILA and Ellesse are making a comeback on the high street.

This tracksuit top from JD sports is a gorgeous colour and super snug fit.

ellesse blue top.jpg
Img: JD Sports.ie

blue crop top.jpg

Img: JD Sports.ie

Asos can always be relied on to spot a trend and have some great retro t-shirts, hoodies, crop-tops and polo shirts on their site at the moment.

They also even have Ellesse logo bodycon dresses but to be honest I think that’s a bit too much.

I particularly like this FILA t-shirt which looks great with denim shorts rather an all-over sporty look. They also stock Champion sportswear but it’s quite pricey.

fila tshirt.jpg

Img: Asos.com

One of my favourite Instagram accounts is @croptopchannel. I’m in love with their reworked sportswear.

crop top
Img: croptopchannel on Etsy.com

blue adidas top

Img: croptopchannel on Etsy.com

Vintage polo shirts and roundneck t-shirts are great for casual wear. These are from Thrifty Store on Asos Marketplace.

polo shirt.jpg
Img: Thrifty Store on Asosmarketplace.com

puma top.jpg

Img: Thrifty Store on Asosmarketplace.com

Reworked clothes with sports logo waistbands are really popular on Etsy and Instagram at the moment. From lingerie to bikinis to co-ords, the choices are endless.

This top works as a bralette or bikini from Etsy shop @Baewatch99.

adidas bra.jpg
Img: Baewatch99 on Etsy.com

Also from Etsy are these reworked Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts and crossover bikini with high leg briefs. Visit the Weekendbout store for more.

tommy hilfiger tee.jpg
Img: Weekendbout on Etsy.com

I absolutely love this bikini and the high leg briefs are really trendy this year. Probably thanks to Kylie Jenner. 😛

tommy hilfiger bikini.jpg
Img: Weekendbout on Etsy.com

Do you like the retro sports trend? Leave me a comment below and let me know. I’m looking forward to doing a swimwear post soon, earlier than last year I promise!

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Spring it on

What will we be wearing this Spring/Summer? I’ve been browsing some of the high street and designer trends and here’s what I found.

Frayed denim is a really popular trend as seen here on Rihanna wearing Marques’ Almeida and has been seen on street stylers worldwide also.

riri marques almeida
Rihanna wearing Marques’ Almeida. Pic:Pinterest.com
Rihanna wears a Marques’ Almeida corset on The Voice

Marques’ Almeida are responsible for this look slowing creeping in from the catwalk to mainstream.

marques almeida dress.jpg
Marques’ Almeida. Pic: Pinterest

Frayed denim can look a bit odd but remember we all thought distressed ripped jeans were odd too and how wrong we were! It can be blended into a casual or formal look.

For an adventurous look, try these long frayed edge jeans from Bershka.

bershka long frayed jeans.jpg
Pic: Bershka.com

Cropped styles look best, like these also from Bershka.

cropped frayed jeans.jpg

Pic: Bershka.com

Zara have an entire editorial devoted to denim on their website. These white frayed denim styles are perfect for summer.

zara white frayed denim.jpg
Pic: Zara.com

Two-tone denims are also dominating the high street market this year. Topshop is the best place for this look.

topshop contrast denim.jpg
Denim jacket and skirt Topshop. Pic:Topshop.com
jeans topshop.jpg
Pic: Topshop.com

Culottes- are these ultimate unwearable trend? I hated them at first because they are deeply unflattering and I like fitted clothing. However some people manage to make them look amazing-kudos! I think heels and a fitted top are key.

Pic: Pinterest.com

I prefer the more fitted culottes but these super wide leg ones from Boohoo look amazing (on the model anyway!) I’m not 100% sold on them for myself just yet.

boohoo culottes.jpg
Pic: Boohoo.com

Leandra Medine looking gorgeous and not one bit repellant in culottes..sigh. See my Pinterest fashion board for some more inspiration.

Leandra Medine.jpg
Pic: Manrepeller.com

And the shoe of the season? Why python print! I have an unhealthy obsession with this print so I love these boots and shoes. These boots are from a new online store I’ve discovered, LASULA.co.uk.

python boot
Pic: LASULA.co.uk

I suspect there is no such thing as “python” print, it’s all good old-fashioned snakeskin! Indeed a customary search of Zara.com revealed one item tagged “snake” and zero tagged “python”. 😛

Lace-up styles are still popular, these babies from Bershka are just €25.99 right now. (I still can’t afford them though).

bershka snake flats.jpg
Pic: Bershka.com

So what do you think of these trends? Anything I’ve missed? Leave me a comment using the grey speech bubble icon on the bottom right and let me know.

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How to style camouflage print

Spring 2016 has brought us a tricky new trend-camouflage! Not “military style”,  not khaki jackets but actual camouflage print.

The last time I wore a camouflage item was a scrunchie in secondary school… Kind of wish I still owned it now! I also had a mini camouflage backpack which I dearly miss 😥

Now I’ve seen a lot of camo leisurewear but I implore you if you have the urge to wear a camo onesie or tracksuit please don’t leave your house and keep the blinds closed.

Camo print looks best on structured fabrics, camo tracksuits and embellishment is just tacky.

And one item of camouflage or one accessory only, do not wear this print head to toe even if you are Rita Ora! (Sorry Rita, love ya hun).

Rihanna however, is the exception that proves the rule.

riri camo queen.jpg
All hail Camo Queen Riri

The following are examples of how NOT to do camouflage.



Bershka has some great cheap camouflage looks like these cute shorts for holidays and camouflage jeans for staying here in Ireland 😛

camo jean shorts.jpg
Pic: Bershka.com

These shorts would look great with a black or white t-shirt and a light denim shirt.

camo shorts.jpg

Pic: Bershka.com

These cropped camo jeans are great for summer.

camo jeans.jpg

Pic: Bershka.com

Camo jackets enjoyed a moment a few years ago but this year it’s all about camo shirts.

This faded vintage one from Asos looks great. These shirts are best worn oversized for a rough and ready vibe!

camo shirt

Pic: Asos.com

Nasty Gal also has a really cute faded camouflage t-shirt.

faded camo.jpg

I predicted this print would be popular and included a camouflage skirt in my A-line skirts post which has since gone on sale.

It’s now only €23 on Asos.com, bargain!

camo a line skirt

Pic: Asos.com

Apparently, there is such thing as a Michael Kors camouflage bag…I’m dumbstruck.

Stick to rucksacks, drawstring rucksacks and small bags like this one from Shein.

sheinside bag.jpg

Henry Holland is one of my favourite designers and I’m obsessed with the House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights designs.

camo tights.jpg

And if you’re a sneakerhead, Nike has camouflage print Air Ones and Roshes.

thea air max camo.jpg

As for coloured camouflage-the jury is still out. A verdict is not expected any time soon!

I bought these camouflage jeans in Bershka with a Christmas voucher so it didn’t cost me anything. I liked them for a while but they are very low-rise and therefore, not the most flattering fit!

The other issue with camouflage jeans is that there are few options to pair them with.

A relatively plain black or white tee is probably your best option and opt for a neutral shoe like my white trainers in the main image.

Another camo item I picked up was this Penneys rucksack with pink piping, it’s grand for throwing a few bits in, especially if I’m going somewhere for a night.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this trend post, leave me a comment below and let me know if you would wear camouflage or not.

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Oscars Fashion 2016

Apologies for not posting this sooner- I got caught up in college work but here are my favourite looks from this year’s Oscars Awards.

Saoirse Ronan was undoubtedly the best dressed lady in green sequin Calvin Klein dress. I have NEVER seen her look so good, she was just gorgeous! The dress fitted beautifully and Saoirse complimented it with mismatched earrings, I don’t know what that was about but she looked stunning. Apparently her hairstylist was flown out for the event and her hair and makeup were gorgeous and really complimented the dress.



Margot Robbie stunned in plunging gold Tom Ford gown accessorised with a simple black bag. The Aussie actress looked really sophisticated.


Meanwhile Jennifer Lawrence wore a black and nude Dior dress with a lace top and voluminous skirt. Her hair is now an icy blonde shade which looked great with her smoky eyes. The dress drew comparisons to one Gywneth Paltrow wore previously but this is far prettier.



Rooney Mara wore a beautiful beaded Givenchy dress with cut-out details. Her bold red lip and pale complexion set off the dress beautifully but the weird top knot hair do didn’t do her any favours. Great shoes though!


While Rachel Mc Adams looked beautiful in a dark backless green August Getty dress with a thigh high split and a long train. Down to earth Rachel had her sister do her makeup ! :O

rachel mcadams.jpg

Priyanka Chopra stunned in a gorgeous Zuhair Murad dress accessorised with $8m worth of Chopard jewellery!


Lady Gaga flouted convention by wearing a combination of a jumpsuit and a dress! The Brandon Maxwell design evoked old style Hollywood glamour.



And who got it wrong? Well Kate Winslet’s shiny brown sack would not be out of place on a monk. It had no redeemable features whatsoever! Kate is beautiful but I don’t know what she or Ralph Lauren were thinking….


Kerry Washington is normally a very stylish lady but picked a weird dominatrix style Versace dress that was completely unsuitable for the red carpet. I have expressed my love of Versace in the past but this dress is a disaster!


Olivia Wilde wore a Valentino gown which looked like tissue paper  and the choker necklace  really didn’t suit this look. It also looked like it would fall off at any minute!

olivia wilde.jpg

And finally while I have a huge woman crush on Miranda Kerr and think she is beauty personified, this cut-out red dress looks cheap and trashy on the red carpet. It would have been perfect if there was just a little more fabric! Hair, make-up and shoes on point though as always.


Hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope to be posting again regularly soon!

Thanks for reading as always.



Bombs Away

Bomber jackets are one of the hottest new spring trends. I’ve always loved a good bomber and I can’t wait to get out of my winter coat…will this winter ever end?! 😦 I actually spent most of Christmas desperately trying to hunt down a khaki bomber jacket for our customers, one day we’d stock them, the next day they were all gone.

This navy blue isn’t normally a colour I like but this one from Bershka is just the right shade.  It also comes in khaki and black.

navy bomber.jpg
Pic: Bershka.com

Also from Bershka is this looser style, great if you don’t like the fitted bomber style.

paisley bomber.jpg
Pic: Bershka.com

Another gorgeous navy/petrol blue option from New Look, really like the zip details.

Pic: ASOS.com

American Apparel have a denim bomber hybrid which is really cool.

Pic: American Apparel.com

I especially like metallic/silky bombers and embroidery detail like this one from Asos Premium. Definitely one to save up for as it’s €91!

asos bomber.jpg
Pic: ASOS.com

And one worth taking out a loan for – a vintage Moschino beauty available on Asos.

Pic: Asos.com

There are also lots of long-line bomber styles out there but I prefer the short traditional style. If you haven’t seen anything you like here then get thee to Nine Crow St. because they have the best selection of bombers and flight jackets- you will be spoiled for choice!

N.B. I don’t receive any payment or incentive from Bershka or any of the brands featured here-these are all my personal choices.

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