What to wear to a summer wedding in Ireland

Wedding season is upon us and not only did I have to find a pretty and appropriate dress for a summer wedding, I had to find a dress that would look good with crutches and an orthopaedic boot.

HAHAHA, nothing looks good with crutches and an orthopaedic boot. Especially not a red profusely sweating face…

Ignoring suggestions that I buy a maxi dress (never ever) I tracked down this pretty Elise Ryan dress from Asos that I’d originally wanted to buy for graduation but wasn’t in my size at the time.

My crutches are just out of shot:P

This dress proved perfect for the occasion, it was fitted in the waist and was knee length. The only mistake I made was wearing a padded bra which made me look very top-heavy so I won’t be doing that again!

I thought I would feel self-conscious because I was on crutches and everyone else was in heels but to be honest, no-one cared what I looked like, everyone was focused on the happy couple.

My dress was €74 on Asos but I paid in sterling and got it for €49.50/€57. It has since gone into sale and is now €52/£38.

Normally I would’ve worn a silver heel with this colour but heels were a no-go! Instead, I wore a plain black flat on my left foot and accessorised with my silver Stella McCartney dupe bag and silver earrings.

I wore a chain-style headband from Penneys also.

I went for a completely different makeup look as I’d normally wear eyeliner and a bold lip but I wanted to experiment with a blue eyeshadow from my Prism palette from Penneys.

I wore blue and silver eyeshadow on my eyelids along with a pop of white eyeliner in the corner of my eye.

I avoided a strong lip for this look and opted for a neutral lipgloss instead. It was a very different look for me but it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone.

Needless to say, getting good photos of my dress proved fairly difficult as I can’t stand for long on one leg!

My posture didn’t do me any favours and neither did the delicious four course meal…


These are some tips you may find helpful if you have a wedding coming up.

Don’t forgo comfort in favour of style, weddings are LONG days and you’ll be eating a big meal. Tight waistbands and restrictive outfits are not your friends.

A pair of flats is a must and it’s a good idea to bring some plasters also.

If you want to wear your heels for most of the night, minimise discomfort with a gel insole or heel grip. To prevent rubbing and blisters put deodorant on your feet before wearing heels which will minimise sweating.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or buy everything new. Before buying an outfit, consider whether you have a bag and shoes that will compliment it.

It’s easy to get carried away and buy everything new but you’ll also be buying a wedding present and possibly paying for accommodation etc. so take this into account when budgeting.

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and try a colour you wouldn’t normally wear.

Here’s some outfit inspiration if you have a summer wedding coming up.

Purple floral dress. Pic: Asos.com
Pale pink dress. Pic: Asos.com


Printed bodycon dress. Pic: RiverIsland.com
Green off-the-shoulder dress. Pic: Asos.com

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I’ve been finding it hard to blog lately as I’ve been under extreme stress partly from my injury and also because my house is being sold so I have to find a new room to rent soon. Those of you who rent in Dublin will know the struggle!

Having a few days off to go to the wedding was just blissful and I really enjoyed staying in Darver Castle in Louth where the reception was held – it’s a gorgeous venue.

FYI, this was not a sponsored post and there no affiliate links.

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