We need to talk about white denim

I have a love hate relationship with white jeans. Impossible to keep clean, hard to wash and cause all kinds of underwear dilemmas-white jeans are a pain in the arse! BUT they are also so damn flattering!

I went through a dangerous white jeans phase when I was younger. I used to wear white flares  with a pair of rainbow stripe wedge shoes far too big for me and a tight green and white boob tube top. Lovely. *shudder*

Thankfully my style has evolved somewhat and I’m willing to try white denim again.

zara white frayed denim

Frayed white denim yes please! Img:Zara.com

It just so happens I was in Penneys with the grand sum of €1.50, “just browsing”. I was trying on some white jeans when I realised one pair were marked down from €19 to €1! I took this as a sign from the cosmic gods…


Spent my last € on white ripped jeans, €1 in Penneys!! Yes €1!

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These jeans are slightly cropped with multiple rips and a skinny fit. I never wear cropped jeans but lets face it at €1 it’s worth a try! I think they will be great with heels and can’t wait to wear them.

So here are some other gorge white denims which caught my eye lately. I also tried on white dungaree shorts in Penneys, I think these are the same pair. It says they’re €15 online but some Penneys may have reduced them. I love dungaree shorts with a cute coloured t-shirt or a patterned short-sleeve shirt underneath.

white dungaree shorts.jpg

White dungaree shorts. Pic: Primark.com

White denim jackets get a summer update in the form of embroidery. The floral one is from Topshop and the plainer one is Mango. It does have a design on the reverse however.

For a great pair of white push-up jeans that fit like a glove, try Bershka. I’ve bought their push-up jeans, they fit like a jegging and are so comfortable.

bershka white jeans.jpg

White push-up jeans. Pic: Bershka.com

 When it comes to white denim, a few rips and subtle embellishment is best. Avoid jeans with loads of detail- white jeans can go from classy to trashy VERY quickly!

This cami top with bow detail on the back is just gorgeous and on sale at Asos.com. It’s reduced from €81 to €49.

And an even better bargain is this fab scallop denim mini-skirt from Pretty Little Thing.com. Only €14!!

plt skirt.jpg

White mini skirt. Pic: PLT.com

These oh-so-trendy Zara shorts come with a cute handkerchief attached. I presume it’s detachable?! And yes I want that Pepsi t-shirt also.

white zara shorts.jpg

White shorts. Pic: Zara.com

 Another Penneys bargain is this white denim shirt. At €11, even I could (almost) afford it 😛 I love the contrast buttons and detail on the pockets.

white denim shirt.jpg

White denim shirt. Img: Primark.com

Just to let you know I don’t receive any kind of incentive or payment to promote any of these brands-these are all my personal favourites! What do you think about white denim? Leave me a comment and let me know.

P.S.  The book ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ traumatised me, hence the title, feel free to leave me a comment if you too were traumatised!!

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3 thoughts on “We need to talk about white denim

  1. Loving this post on white denim. This is indeed a very tricky fashion problem and one I’ve had challenges with in the past….. I’ve worn the wrong underwear …ie white and had lots of “nice” comments for my efforts… so quickly learned the hard way that the only underwear to wear with white denim is most definitely “Flesh” coloured undies. Love your €1 Penneys Jeans.

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