Swim Team

The most important advice I can impart when buying swimwear is..buy early! Your holiday may not be until August/September but nice swimwear sells out fast and is usually the first casualty of the summer sales. You don’t want to be rummaging through the sale racks, finding a matching top and bottom that fit in sale is as likely as winning the lotto.

Triangl style bikinis are still really popular,  River Island are continuing one style from last year and Penneys even have cute Triangl style bikinis in lots of colours.

Penneys buyers are a bit slow off the mark though, they are only bringing in this bikini and crochet tops this year even though they were huge last year!


This year Triangl have updated their styles with pretty floral prints, visible stitching and tie-dye.




But if they’re out of your budget (the sets start from $79), you can find similar looks at River Island, Asos, Bershka and Pretty Little Thing.

river island bikini_main.jpg

Img:River Island.com


asos bikini.jpg

Img: Asos.com

tie dye swimsuit



pretty little thing.jpg


High necked bikini tops are a great option if you are sunburnt or don’t feel confident in a the standard triangle top.This pink crochet River Island top is now on sale for €12 with matching bottoms for €7 and also comes in black.


Img: RiverIsland.com

Another high neck option is this cute mesh sea shell style from Missguided. Bear in mind, it probably will become transparent in water!

missguided bikini.jpg



As usual we can blame/thank/curse Kylie Jenner for the high cut/high leg trend. When she wore this hot pink 80s swimsuit last summer, she set the trend.

kylie pink swimsuit.png


But long before Kylie was even born, Claudia Schiffer was killing it.

claudia schiffer.jpg


High cut swimsuits can look amazing…or can make you feel like this.



They are much less forgiving than your average one piece!

This black one from Bershka is so cute. It’s ideal for girls with smaller boobs as the sides are cut away with little support.

high cut swimsuit.jpg


This wrap around multi-colour bikini is a fun twist on the standard bandeau but also has full support.

colour bikini.jpg


Hope you all enjoyed this post, the one from last year still get hits so I put lots of research into this year’s one. 🙂 I’m going to Edinburgh this week so hopefully will have a post on that soon. Enjoy the beautiful weather at home and leave me a comment and let me know which swimwear trends you like. You can follow @joyofblogs on Instagram and Twitter or see my Facebook page here. Thanks for reading as always.


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