Phibsborough Charity Shop Haul and Thrifting Tips

More and more people are searching for sustainable and slow fashion options these days and I’m happy to say I’m also trying to do my bit.

I’ve always loved mooching in the charity shops for a browse and when I was on a very low income, thrifting allowed me to express my love for fashion without breaking the bank!

Don’t get me wrong I still love Penneys like Kanye loves Kanye but I am making a conscious effort to buy secondhand where possible.

I thrift all over Dublin and beyond but below is a haul of some of the many bargains I bought in various charity shops in Phibsborough.

For people who are reluctant to buy in charity shops or would like to donate here’s what you need to know.

Charity shops won’t sell rags or dirty, torn clothing, so don’t donate these! You can bring them to a recycling bank instead, there are loads of them, even in the country so there’s no excuse not to. I always recycle my old clothes as I hate waste.

Some clothing may be brand new with tags on, others will have slight to moderate wear and tear. The prices will reflect this. Don’t try and barter in charity shops.

Do ask when the window display is on sale if you like an item in the window. Generally, the best items, branded handbags, etc. end up here.

But I’ve gotten a designer bag ( DKNY) and a very good fake Longchamps in a charity shop which weren’t in the window so keep your eyes peeled!

Charity shops do have sales- Enable Ireland is especially good and I picked up some absolute beauts in their Phibsborough shop.

I found this brand new Missguided bardot playsuit which is €30.80 on their site for just €4!

The bardot style is still on-trend and it’s perfect for a night out. It’s a size 10 but small fitting.

reverse playsuit edit

stripe playsuit edit

work party 2

I’ve worn this playsuit with heels on nights out and as a more casual summer look with espadrilles during the day.

alt=,striped playsuit>
Striped playsuit

I also saw a cute pleather lilac skirt in an 8 from River Island that I had to try on. It was €3.90 with some signs of wear.

It fit perfectly and would be ideal with a black or white top for a night out.

This has some slight discolouration but not very noticeable.


lilac skirt 2 edited

Then I tried on these pyjama style pants, size 10 from Dunnes. I have never worn this kind of trousers but I’m tired of jeans not fitting me, as my weight fluctuates a lot.

These are a great alternative to jeans,  soft and comfy and I adore florals.

They are a little worn and the previous owner cut a small slit into the waistband which I didn’t notice till I got home.

These are loose but have a belt and were €3.90. (P.S. I’ve even worn them to work!)

floral trousers edit

floral pyjama trouser edit

My entire haul of those three items came to €11.80 so I was delighted. As you can see it’s necessary to try on charity shop clothing as you won’t be able to guess sizes and few offer a refund.

There are six charity shops in Phibsborough, Enable Ireland, Oxfam, Debra Ireland, Irish Cancer Society and tucked away up across from St Peter’s Church is a small but very good CASA shop.

Just across from the shopping centre, is a small Aware shop.

I’ve found some gems here such as this 90s style denim dress which was about €6.

Vintage denim dress from Aware

The bag I’m wearing with it was bought in the Irish Cancer Society shop.

Denim dress and vintage bag
Denim dress and vintage bag

My favourite charity shop is probably Enable Ireland.

They always have really nice good quality stock and they even offer an exchange with a receipt which is rare for a charity shop.

I bought this denim jacket there about 6 years ago and it’s still in good nick.

Denim jacket

They also always have some really nice novelty homeware bits to spruce up your gaff.

I’ve also got loads of lovely things in Oxfam, especially before their renovation this year.

They had an amazing sale where I got a Zara wrap dress and a cute floral playsuit for €1 each!

Obviously, that was a clearance sale but they do have lots of great bargains and the shop looks lovely since it was refurbished.

They also now have a small vintage section which is well worth checking out.

And one of my favourite charity shop bargains ever was this colourful silky bomber which was about €6 from Oxfam Phibsborough.

I still have this gorgeous jacket I found in a charity shop

And I fell in love with this pretty willow-print dress during the heatwave last year when I desperately needed clothes that were light but still work-appropriate.

Blue and white willow print dress from Oxfam

Debra Ireland is the newest charity shop in the neighbourhood, it’s open about a year.

Among the lovely things I’ve bought from here is this real suede blue Mango jacket for about €10 and a quirky little 00s style Oriental bag for about €6.

Blue suede Mango jacket
Oriental clutch bag

And the Irish Cancer Society shop can also be a good shout for homeware, I found these gorgeous prints for my apartment.

Hope you enjoyed this haul and if you’re in Phibsborough, be sure to check out the charity shops, you won’t regret it!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram and Facebook page here.

Thanks for reading as always.


12 thoughts on “Phibsborough Charity Shop Haul and Thrifting Tips

  1. Absolutely love charity shop finds my wardrobe is jam-packed with amazing gems I’ve found in them. Must do an article on my best buys soon. Great post!

    1. Same, all my favourite things were bought in charity shops! Most of my favourite clothes barely cost anything. Ooh please do would love to read it.

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