Charity Shop Haul & Ethical Fashion

A few days ago I read a thought-provoking blog post on fellow blogger Chloe’s site.

She set herself a zero-waste challenge and is not buying any new clothes, just charity shop clothes. This is not as hard as it sounds as charity shops have good quality and often brand new clothing.

I’ve done similar challenges in the past and buy as little new clothing as possible due to financial constraints. Don’t get me wrong I still love Penneys like Kanye loves Kanye but I try just to browse.

It’s World Recycle Week this week and H & M are accepting donations of old clothes in all of their outlets. Below are just a few examples of items I’ve found in thrift shops.

For people who are reluctant to buy in charity shops or would like to donate here’s what you need to know.

Charity shops won’t sell rags or dirty, torn clothing, so don’t donate these! You can recycle them at a clothes recycling bank instead, there are loads of them, even in the country so there’s no excuse not to. I always recycle my old clothes as I hate waste.

Some clothing may be brand new with tags on, others will have slight to moderate wear and tear. The prices will reflect this. Don’t try and barter in charity shops.

Do ask when the window display is on sale if you like an item in the window. Generally the best items, branded handbags etc. end up here.

But I’ve gotten two designer bags (Longchamps and DKNY) in a charity shop which weren’t in the window so keep your eyes peeled!

Charity shops do have sales- Enable Ireland is especially good and I picked up some absolute beauts in their Phibsborough shop today.

I found this brand new Missguided bardot playsuit which is €30.80 on their site for just €4! The bardot style is staying around this summer and I will enjoy wearing this on nights out. It’s a size 10 but small fitting.

work party 2

I also saw a cute pleather lilac skirt in an 8 from River Island that I had to try on. It was €3.90 with some signs of wear.

It fit perfectly and I thought it would be ideal with a black or white top for a night out. This has some slight discolouration but not very noticeable.

Then I tried on these pyjama style pants, size 10 from Dunnes. I have never worn this kind of trousers but I’m tired of jeans not fitting me, as my weight fluctuates a lot.

Jeans tend to be really baggy on me and sag after a few washes.These are soft and comfy and I adore florals. They are a little worn and the previous owner cut a small slit into the waistband which I didn’t notice till I got home! These are loose but have a belt and were €3.90. (P.S. I’ve even worn them to work!)

My entire haul came to €11.80 so I was delighted. As you can see it’s necessary to try on charity shop clothing as you won’t be able to guess sizes and few offer a refund.

Enable Ireland do offer an exchange with a receipt. For more charity shop inspiration, visit Looking Fly on a Dime or Pauper to Princess, both amazing stylish bloggers who only buy from charity shops.

Would you do a zero waste or charity shop clothing challenge? Leave me a comment below to let me know. Don’t forget to check out my InstagramTwitter and Facebook page here.

Thanks for reading as always.




    1. E

      Same, all my favourite things were bought in charity shops! Most of my favourite clothes barely cost anything. Ooh please do would love to read it.

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