Winter Warmers

Every time I step out the door recently, it’s freezing. With that in mind, here are some of the best winter clothes and accessories around at the moment!

Polo necks are suddenly trendy again and they are great as a layer or on their own. A couple of layers of close-fitting clothes trap air and keep you warmer than one big jumper! I love wearing polo necks with plain jeans, A-line skirts or shorts with black tights and brogues. I think plain colour polo necks work best and are easiest to match. A black or white polo paired with dark jeans exudes sophistication! Fine knit polos are more flattering than thick heavy ones which look a bit dated.

A plain polo neck layered under a gilet is a gorgeous look and also really warm! This sheepskin gilet from Bershka is super cosy and comes in two different shades, cream and light brown.

sheepskin gilet

Sheepskin gilet. Img:

Asos have some really nice basic polo necks.

polo necks

Polo neck tops. Img:

pink polo neck

Pink polo neck. Img:

I also like this dainty floral print, also from Asos.

floral polo neck

Floral polo neck. Img:

Below are some Pinterest images to inspire you!

Oh My Love is one of my favourite concessions at Topshop and this blue faux fur jacket is the stuff of dreams!

blue faux fur coat

Blue faux fur jacket. Img:

This multi-colour mash-up is also really cool.

multi colour faux fur


Another trend I’m really loving is vintage style buckle belts. Recently I got two amazing vintage belts for €1 each in my local charity shop. The brown belt below really smartens up old dull jeans.


I’ve started to love belts again, I hadn’t worn them in a long time but I realised they can make your clothes look and fit much better and accentuate your figure. We are spoiled for choice with amazing styles from Nasty Gal and Asos.


Img: Nasty Gal

asos double buckle belt

Img: Asos

asos belt vintage

Img: Asos

asos belt

Img: Asos

In winter I live in my fleece lined Timberland style boots. They are so cosy and sturdy!

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Best purchase ever #timberlands #fleece-lined #happy

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Real Timberlands are expensive but if I had the €€€ I would invest!

fleece timberlands

Fleece Timberlands. Img:


This floral fold-down style is so cute too and Schuh currently have them reduced from €132 to €89.

floral timberlands

Floral fold-down Timberlands. Img:

N.B. I don’t receive any payment or incentive from Bershka or any of the brands featured here-these are all my personal choices.

Finally I hated bobble hats for years but I’ve realised they are the most efficient way to keep warm and now I even wear mine  in the house! Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you love or hate winter clothes below.



On my way to steal your..hat?!

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