How to style an A-Line skirt

The A-line skirt is staying around for A/W 15 and I’m very happy about it. Mini, knee-length, midi, plain, button-up, scallop-edge, patchwork, whatever your taste there is an A-line skirt to suit.

alt=< a line skirt with pockets>

This pale blue suede with pocket detailing from Nasty Gal is adorable and the styling with high wedges is really cute (although not autumn weather appropriate!)

Many celebrities have embraced this style such as Marina Dimandis (AKA Marina and the Diamonds) who was styled in a slightly flared black skirt for Vogue.

alt=<marina diamandis vogue>

While connoisseur of cool Alexa Chung has also been championing the A-line.

alt=<alexa chung a-line skirt>

alt=<alexa chung a line denim skirt>
Sartorial perfection …sigh

Here’s some inspiration on how to wear it:

alt=<scallop-edge a-line skirt> alt=<blue suede a line>alt=<black suede a-line skirt>

While the denim a-line was popular for summer, suede and patchwork variations will be everywhere this autumn.

Suede tends to be an expensive material, however, you can find suedette versions of these skirts also.

alt=<patchwork skirt>
alt=<patchwork skirt multicolour>
Img: Pinterest
alt=<patchwork skirt>
Img: Pinterest

The patchwork style looks best in muted autumnal colours like this Topshop skirt.

alt=<Topshop patchwork skirt>

It’s best worn with a plain top or a dark denim shirt.

Asos have the most fashion-forward and unusual styles. For instance, I wasn’t expecting to see camouflage ever again but I was wrong….

alt=<camo a line skirt>

This contrast stitch mini-skirt is really funky also.

alt=<contrast stich mini skirt>

If the button-up styles don’t appeal to you, there are many plain and zip front styles available on Asos also.

alt=<denim patchwork skirt>alt=<mermaid skirt>

alt=<blue zip front skirt>

The majority of these styles can be worn with black tights and it’s also easy to transition from day to night.

In the daytime an A-line skirt looks cute with brogues, tights and a plain t-shirt/blouse.

To dress this style up, simply add heels and jewellery or knee-high boots. In my photo below, I’m wearing a red suedette H&M skirt with Asos boots.

A-line skirts also compliment different body types which makes them so popular.

Do you like the A-line trend? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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