Swap Shopping

Last weekend my friend Emma and I went shopping, came home with new clothes but didn’t spend any money! Confused?!

We attended a swap shopping which event involves bringing clothes you no longer want and swapping for others!

I’d often heard of swap shopping but never had the opportunity to do it until we found one organised through GirlCrew.


I went on a whim, thinking I wouldn’t have many clothes to bring as I’m always reluctant to part with them.

We were asked to bring a minimum of 5 items and a maximum of 10. I was keen to get rid of certain things like old work clothes but I also realised I had other clothes that I barely wore and needed to give away pronto!

I gathered up 7 items ( a jumper, jeans, blazer, floral top, bomber jacket, check shirt and a work shirt).

You were required to bring items which were in good condition, clean and ironed. I realised I’d never worn the bomber jacket and barely worn one of my tops so I knew it was time to let go.

The event was held in one of the girls’ homes and everyone was really warm and friendly. We left the clothes on runner rails in the living room and divided into groups of 2’s and 3’s. We drew straws to see who would go first.

Each group was allowed 5 minutes to browse before selecting an item and returning to the kitchen. There was lots to choose from, with three rails of clothing, bags, shoes and some beauty products.

I really liked a dress Emma had brought along and selected it on my first pick. I love two-in-one dresses and florals so it was perfect for me!

alt=<floral two-in-one dress>

I also selected this tweed clutch bag as I only seem to have black bags for going out.

alt=<clutch bag>

I have a love/hate relationship with tiny bags, they look great but are so impractical!

alt=<tweed clutch bag>

I was on the look-out for holiday clothes and tried on one top which our hostess Janice had actually made herself from a dress.

The great thing about swap shopping is that you are compelled to look at different things that you might walk by in a shop.

For instance, this yellow printed crop top, I don’t normally wear yellow or indeed crop tops but when I tried it on it was lovely! (It is floral however so you can see I didn’t stray too far outside my comfort zone.) 😛

alt=<yellow floral top>

Just as we were about to leave I spotted another cute crop top with floral embroidery and tiny mirror embellishments which I fell in love with!

It will be perfect for my holidays in Mallorca.

alt=<river island mirrored top>

alt=<top and shorts>

I really enjoyed the whole experience and towards the end of the evening, the clothes had almost been forgotten as we were having such a good time chatting!

A big thank you to all the lovely ladies who made this a great event.

I managed to swap three of my items and brought home the items that didn’t find a home.

 It’s an excellent way to update your wardrobe and costs nothing.

As I’m going back to college soon, I’m keen to cut down on spending and be as economical as possible from now on.

The important thing to consider when swap shopping is to be open-minded and be aware that you might not find something that fits perfectly.

If you’re looking for a swap shop to attend, Sustainable Fashion Dublin frequently run them.

Have you ever been to a swap shop? Let me know your thoughts below, to leave a comment, click the grey speech bubble on the bottom right.

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