Sea Sessions Festival in Bundoran, Co Donegal

Photo: Sea Sessions Official

Last weekend I made the epic trip to Donegal for the Sea Sessions surf and music festival. Believe it or not, this was my first camping festival ever!

The campsite is located close to Bundoran town which meant you weren’t stuck there with nowhere to go.

We also had an excellent tent to help cope with the inclement weather…I was hoping for some sunshine but there were only a few rays on Saturday.

alt=<sea sessions wristband>


alt=<bundoran beach>

Friday was the night I was most excited about with an amazing line-up of house/electro/dance music from Sigma, Example and headliner Klingande.

Sigma were absolutely brilliant, I was quite tipsy by the time I got in but really enjoyed the gig. Needless to say, everyone lost their composure when “Nobody to Love ” came on.

alt=<sigma live>
Sigma. Photo: Sea Sessions Official

Example and DJ Wire were equally good and put the crowd in a great mood. Example was a big crowd pleaser due to his enthusiastic interactions with the audience.

Finally, headliner Klingande serenaded us all on saxophone with the hit “Jubel”. His set was amazing and ticker tape showered the crowd as he played “Jubel.”


The next day a surfing contest was held on one of Bundoran’s beautiful beaches and it was a nice sunny day if a little windy.

It was a lovely relaxing afternoon. We also went for a walk along the cliff paths and took in the stunning scenery.

alt=<bundoran diving board>

alt=<bundoran sea shore>

In the evening we got to see some BMX riders and skateboarders performing on a ramp outside the main marquee.

alt=<bmx rider>
Photo: Ian Mitchinson

Saturday night’s line-up included Seasick Steve and Alex Adair on the smaller tent. We saw got to see Irish band Le Galaxie who were absolutely live wires and put on a brilliant show.

There were also bands playing from about 6pm every day but that was a little too early in my opinion.

Unfortunately, Saturday night culminated in high winds and rain and while our tent withstood both, it was very hard to sleep!

Also, our tent was stuck in between a guy singing “Come out ye Black and Tans!” and two girls in the middle of a huge fight! I should’ve just drank more in order to get to sleep! 😛

The showers at the campsite seemed permanently unavailable so I headed to Waterworld in Bundoran on Sunday with my friend to have a swim and shower there! After 3 days on a camp site, it was badly needed…

Due to work commitments, I couldn’t stay for Sunday night’s gigs and had to head home.

Maverick Sabre and Cyril Hahn were playing Sunday so it was a shame to miss them but equally the journey home was much better in daylight. The weather had gotten quite bad by Sunday so it was time to go.

This is the official Sea Sessions video which will give you an idea of the variety of the festival.



I’m not a massive fan of wellies so wore my trusty cowboy boots with skinny jeans and shorts. I brought my amazing suede fringed jacket but it was too cold for it…boo!

My sunglasses also were only used to conceal my hangover…..

I was also saved by having a proper raincoat. Those little plastic Penneys macs just don’t cut the mustard!

Word of advice, a bumbag is much better than a rucksack at festivals and if you are bringing a rucksack don’t bring a cloth one that will get soaked.

I was pretty lax about make-up and clothes anyway as these things aren’t that important at festivals! Comfort is of the utmost importance. Doing your make-up in a tent with a hand mirror is rough but it actually turned out ok!

alt=<festival make-up>

And of course, we used a few gold tattoos..what’s a festival without them?

I really enjoyed going to Bundoran, the people were lovely and friendly and it was a really chilled festival.

The town is quite quaint and touristy and there are lots of nice restaurants and pubs (and one pub which closely resembles an IRA museum!)  I also ran into my friend Jacqui whom I hadn’t seen in three years. 🙂

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And if you’ve been to Sea Sessions, feel free to let me know what you thought in a comment, just click the grey speech bubble on the bottom right of the page.

I’m planning a trip over to London and also Mallorca, so don’t forget to check out those posts.


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