Tola Vintage Kilo Sale

The last time Tola Vintage had a kilo sale I was devastated at not being able to go. However when I heard there was another massive kilo sale planned I knew I had to make this one! As luck would have it, I had to travel home on the 22nd to vote (this blogger always does her democratic duty 😉 ) but I made it back for the sale. I normally would never go home for just one day but this kilo sale was a pretty big event.

I knew the sale would be big from following Tola Vintage’s posts and from the location in the RDS. I was extremely curious as to what would be on offer!

I arrived about 1 p.m as I’d been out the night before (not recommended for serious kilo-salers!) and I didn’t want to get up too early. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was still loads of stock available and the hall was huge so it didn’t feel packed and stressful.

alt=<kilo sale>

I wandered around taking in the sights of suede, leather, snapbacks and determined fashionistas trying clothes on as best they could over their own clothing! At first I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stock and I meandered up and down browsing. However once I’d picked up one item, others just seemed to follow and before I knew it I had a huge pile of clothes! I hadn’t spotted the IKEA bags that were by the door so I was dragging my pile, plus rucksack and jacket around like a camel.

I began to try on pieces and wanted to keep almost everything. I only discarded a few items mostly that were too big or small. I was on the look-out for a nice suede or leather jacket and some skirts or dresses. As there were no fitting rooms you had to try on clothes in front of a mirror. I’d forgotten about this and worn jeans but luckily I could try on everything. Next time I will probably wear a dress and tights or shorts and tights as it will make trying-on even easier.

alt=<leather jacket>

I was really happy with the quality of stock out also, very few items had signs of wear, some vintage stores sell items which are quite worn-out!


I saw some really beautiful and unusual clothes like this beaded dress below and motorcycle jackets. I was also completely in awe of two stylish Brazilians who were trying on head-to-toe capes and looking amazing!

alt=<beaded dress>

After A LOT of trying on, walking up and down and a water break, I decided to take my pile to be weighed. *gulp* I knew I had about €55 in cash on me and that I had several heavy pieces in my bag… On the initial weigh at €10 per kilo , my bundle was €68. I decided to discard a few items and was delighted to get down to €50 for everything!!!

This is what I got.

Cream leather shorts. These would be so cute with brogues, black tights and a simple top.

Light brown suede fringed jacket. I’m going to wear this with denim shorts to Sea Sessions…can’t wait!

alt=<brown suede Jacket>

Green velvet dress. I LOVE this dress, its a beautiful colour, it looks black in photos but it’s actually a gorgeous dark green. I’d dress it up (maybe with my new Penney’s iridescent green sandals) and some gold jewellery.

alt=<green dress>

alt=<Green dress>

alt=<iridescent sandals>

Black and silver lace hemmed top. I’d really like to wear this with black flares for goth/hippy look.

alt=<Black top>

Beaded short-sleeve top with shoulder pads. I’ve wanted one of these beaded tops for ages but the ones I’ve seen in vintage shops were always expensive! It needs a new button at the back but apart from that is perfect. I love the detailing on the neck and its also very flattering for a “fat” day.

alt=<Beaded top>

alt=<beaded top neckline>

Green leather patch off the shoulder jumper. This is my favourite piece and I’ve been wearing it with pvc leggings and black plimsolls.

alt=<Green top selfie>alt=<Green Jumper>

Black and silver halter neck top. I’m looking forward to wearing this out with high-waisted jeans.

alt=<Jewel top>

Black beaded hem skirt. I’ve a really similar top which will look really cute for summer.

alt=<Black skirt>

White lace and patch work cardigan. I will wear this with blue or black jeans.

alt=<Patchwork cardigan>alt=<Patchwork cardi>


As well as the vintage, there were also pop-up stores from Sick Studs, Magne jewellery and others. I’d ran out of money by that time which was probably just as well! The only thing that disappointed me was I didn’t see any accessories. I love vintage bags and belts and would’ve liked to see a selection.

So I’ve lots of fun stuff coming up, I attended the Irish blogger conference yesterday (ermagerd!) and will have a post for you soon! I’m also going to Belfast next weekend and Sea Sessions in Donegal on June 19th. Really looking forward to blogging on all of these. PS I’m also looking for a photographer to collaborate with, please contact me at Thanks for visiting my site as always.

5 thoughts on “Tola Vintage Kilo Sale

  1. Wow – loving that beaded dress – looks like there was lots of great stuff. Kilo sales can be a bit hit and miss so really glad you got lots of great stuff! I always get so nervous walking up to those scales too…. haha!

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