Day trip to Ghent

The next day we headed out of the city to visit Ghent. Our hostel Sleepwell Brussels had cute hand drawn maps made by locals so we took these with us. A youth travel company USE-IT makes these maps in conjunction with locals and they’re an excellent resource. (Not that I can read maps but they’re nice to look at.)


First stop was Ghent which is a beautiful Dutch city. Dont be fooled by its medieval vibe, it’s also a place of genetic research and home to several Nobel prize winners!! Ghent also has an eco-friendly vibe with wide cycle paths and promotes vegetarianism avidly even having a “meat-free” Thursday in many places. Also no-one seems to lock their bike up in Ghent….wouldn’t happen in Dublin 😛


For our day out I wore a nice casual outfit: a vintage tweed jacket, floral jumper, black skinnies with a crochet hem and my trusty Topshop plimsolls.

alt="outfit collage"

alt="outfit closeup"

We strolled through the town taking in the sights and with an informative guided tour from Michele’s lovely friend Christine who lives in Ghent. We stopped for a lunch of “Ghent Bolognese” which is basically finely ground mince bolognese with carrots and mushrooms at  a restaurant called Club Reserva Cafe. It was delicious!

alt="Church Ghent"

The beautiful Saint Nicholas church

Ghent was an industrial town, ruled by traders and Saint Nicholas’s church was owned by the traders. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of traders. Incidentally Ghent was one of the first places after the UK to participate in the industrial revolution. This church underwent several attacks and ransacking but is undergoing reconstruction today.

alt="me at st nicholas church"

alt="us at canal"

alt="view of canal"

alt="ghent castle"

Ghent Castle

Ghent Castle harks back to a time when Ghent was part of the Spanish Empire. The Spanish occupation was a difficult time and most traces of Spanish influence have been removed from the city.

alt="rear of Ghent castle"

The picturesque canals are lined with old buildings and boats by the docks and I got some great photos here.

alt="buildings by canal"

alt="old buildings" alt="view of canal" alt="bikes by canal" alt="bierhuis"

alt="old fish market"

The old fish market

alt="detail from building"

Detail from the fish market building

While in Ghent we also sampled traditional “cuberdons”. These are little red fruit sweets that looks like a nose. They have a crispy coating and are filled with a sweet liquid. They are quite strong  so a few will suffice.

alt="flags by canal"

alt="architecture" alt="medieval towers"

From beneath this bridge is the only point in Ghent where you can see all of its three medieval towers together. The most famous one, The Belfry of Ghent is not a symbol of the clergy or the monarchy but in fact the people themselves. The gilded dragon on top of the tower is a representation of this.

alt="ghent belfry"

Ghent Belfry


alt="decorative lamppost"

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and photos and thanks as always for visiting my blog.

I’ll also be attending the Irish Blogger Association  conference soon, hope to meet some of you there! Don’t forget to check out my InstagramTwitter and Facebook page.



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