A trip to Paris: Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, Palais de Tokyo and The Louvre

Like many people, I have always dreamed of going to Paris after years of studying French in school and college.

When the opportunity arose, I was very excited to see all the tourist attractions, attempt to speak French and of course the renowned sartorial elegance!

We landed in Paris early on a Thursday morning and made our way into the city. The first thing we visited was the Luxembourg Gardens.

Luxembourg Gardens

These beautiful gardens were originally created solely for French royalty but are now accessible to the public.

We had a very early flight so I was extremely casual on the first day! (PS I’m not normally a double denim girl but I think I can work it in light denim) Outfit details on Lookbook here.

L’ecole Militaire
Luxembourg Gardens
Luxembourg Gardens

The gardens and Luxembourg palace.



We grabbed lunch and headed for the hotel which was in a great location within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower.

After a quick power nap, we set off to the Eiffel Tower. On our way there we passed the Ecole Militaire which was a training academy for Parisian cadets from poor families. Napoleon himself was once a student there!

L’Ecole Militaire
L’Ecole Militaire
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

First glimpses of the tower!

Underneath the Eiffel Tower
alt=<eiffel tower>
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
Wedding at Eiffel Tower

Not sure if the wedding is real or a photoshoot?!


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I dressed up a bit for the tower as you do 😉 See outfit details here.

Eiffel Tower views at dusk
Brogues in Paris

Brogues are the footwear du jour in Paris 🙂

Eiffel Tower socks


Wearing Eiffel tower socks to the Eiffel tower because I have my shit together!

Palais de Chaillot

The queues for the tower were massive so we went on our way and took a stroll across the Seine to the Trocadero.

The Palais de Chaillot is located here, it’s an impressive building with relief sculptures and Roman-style columns but unfortunately, parts of it have been covered with graffiti which is horrible!

Then it was time for Palais de Tokyo, one of Paris’s few modern art museums. We went in the evening so it was quiet and peaceful unlike many of the other museums and attractions.


Palais de Tokyo had a variety of contemporary exhibits, from a floor transformed into a cracked desert landscape, a whole exhibition devoted to hypotheses of apocalypse (my favourite, grim as it sounds!), upside-down chandeliers, giant skeins of yarn, what looked like a giant plastic bag but was apparently a meteorite and silent videos.

Yarn exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo
Exhibits at the Palais de Tokyo
Video exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo
Desert landscape

Paris is renowned for the Mona Lisa, Impressionists, etc. so many visitors don’t even think about visiting a modern art museum.

However, I would highly recommend Palais de Tokyo as the atmosphere is so much more peaceful than the big museums and you can really enjoy a stroll around.

The Louvre was amazing but I felt like I’d been hit by a train by the end! That may be in part because my travel companion insisted on doing all four floors in one afternoon…

I loved Paris but I will say it’s not possible to fit in all the tourist sights in a few days, you’ll run yourself ragged if you try.

I was exhausted every day and my feet were in ribbons from walking around in the heat.


My next post will feature my trip to the palace of Versailles.

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