Spanish Wedding & Trip to Madrid

I promised a post on the wedding dress I was helping my friend Dani to make and here it is at last! In the past, I studied basic dressmaking at an evening class in Galway and designing and making clothes has been a passion of mine since I was a kid.

Dani is a qualified designer so she made the body of the dress but I helped with the decorating. It was a strapless dress covered in tulle flowers and pearl beads sewn onto each flower.

Each flower petal was painstakingly decorated with beads and as you can see the dress has hundreds of flowers on it. I only did a little bit of work on it so you can imagine the effort involved on Dani’s part!


I really loved working on the dress despite how time-consuming it was. I worked on some of the flowers at the back and the edges.

I would take a piece of tulle, sew on the beads in tiny rows on the petals then pin it in place on the dress. The body of the dress is quite simple, the decoration, however, took months for Dani to complete.

I worked on some of these flowers at the back. The veil was bought but matches the dress perfectly.

I’m not someone who always loves traditional wedding dresses but this dress is just exquisite. Knowing the work put into it also makes it very special!

I worked on some of the flowers on the edges and the back.

We got pins and needles and backache from sitting down labouring over the tiny petals. I really love dressmaking and would like to do more.

I believe weddings are overly commercial nowadays and making your own dress is one way to reduce this and be original. However, to make a dress like this requires serious dedication!

Every single bead hand-sewn on!!!

The big day arrived and Dani looked incredible!




My own outfit consisted of a green satin dress that I keep for special occasions. It’s very glamorous with silver bead straps and a ruched front.


I added some gold and green earrings from Forever 21, green sunglasses and cream heels with floral details.


After the wedding which was held in a town called Valladolid, two hours from Madrid I headed back to the capital to explore with my friend.

Madrid is very authentic and more “Spanish” than Barcelona.

You have to make the effort to “hablo espanol” and they seemed to understand my Spanglish at least 50% of the time!

132 - Copy - Copy
Campo Grande Valladolid
108 - Copy - Copy
Valladolid-the town no-one can pronounce!

169 - Copy - Copy

178 - Copy - CopyPlaza Mayor Madrid

236 - Copy


217 - Copy

Of course I looked in the shops πŸ˜‰ The flower ring is from a shop called Tierra, find them on Facebook here.

I also browsed in Brandy Melville and had a look at Topshop’s summer collection!



Flowers, flowers errrwhere!

075I love mock-croc! (Update I bought these back home and they are fabulous!)

Everywhere in Madrid there are beautiful churches and most of the street names have a religious connotation. Each street sign has a picture on it which I loved.

My other favourite thing there was the street performers from a whistling clapping goat covered in tinsel to a human tree in Plaza Mayor.

214 - CopyΒ  198 - Copy

172 - Copy - Copy

171 - Copy - Copy

081 - Copy - Copy

Hope you all enjoyed this post and thanks for reading. If you would like to follow me on social media, check out my InstagramΒ and Facebook page.


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