Summer Style

It’s only the first week of May and I have eaten ice-cream (twice) worn shorts (twice) and lay in the “sun” reading Pride and Prejudice (once).

With that in mind, I put together a summer clothes edit.

Topshop tube skirt. Pic:


Topshop Tube Skirt €43

I spotted this last week in Topshop Stephen’s Green and sprinted like a possessed person to the fitting room to try it on with a black top. It’s quite long on me but gorgeous!

I can’t decide what I will wear with it if I get it as it’s such a snug fitting material that tucking in a wifebeater top looks bulky and awkward.

A cropped top in black or a pale blue would potentially work but cropped tops make me shudder!

If you like the print but not the skirt it’s also available in a bodysuit.

Topshop bodysuit

 I impulsively bought a pair of sunglasses in Forever 21 for our one day of sun last week!

I don’t have a picture but they are aviators with chain link detail on the sides.  The closest picture I can find are these Vince Camuto ones above!

I spent the last two summers in America so I got to indulge my sunglasses obsession but I think I will only need one pair this year.. 😛

 I have gotten a few nice pieces in Penneys recently.
Penneys clutch €3
 I got this bag reduced to €3  the other day. I normally hate clutch bags but you can put it around your wrist and I can’t resist studs!
I recently had a slightly disturbing conversation with a friend where we talked about covering our dream houses’ walls in studs (me) and Swarovski crystals (her)…
Taking the unhealthy obsessions too far?! Especially considering my ability to own property is slim to none! 😉
Miss Mode: Porcelain Print
China print dress €17 Penneys
Two of my favourite things combined here: shirt dress and China print!
I love shirt dresses as they are very flattering, you can adjust them to be more or less revealing as you wish and they keep their shape.
This is really summery and the little cut-out panels aren’t as scary as you might think. I think they add a twist to the conservative pattern.
I tried it on and the panels are barely noticeable so I may buy this. Penneys also have cute high-waisted shorts in this pattern.
le chat noir swimsuit.jpeg

Black Milk Swimsuit

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