S/S 2013

I’m a little slow off the mark on this one but here are my fashion picks for S/S 2013!

Pink cruficix Forever 21

I’m in love with Forever 21’s jewellery range and own a fair amount of it! Everytime I walk in (which is pretty much every day as I work just above it!) I have to check out the new jewellery. I love cross necklaces and the matte pink colour and matching chain is a great twist. Also it’s super cheap so I’ll be getting one.

Arrow Necklace Forever 21

FOREVER 21 Multicolored Arrow Charm Necklace

Arrow jewellery is popping up everywhere and Forever 21 have several arrow pieces but this is my favourite. The little flash of colour would make this stand out on a plain top. It would also look great layered up with other gold chains.

Mona Lisa Sweat Sugarpills

mona lisa sweatshirt

Sugarpills is an amazing new brand and I absolutely love their irreverent trademark images usually taking something well-known like this Mona Lisa and give it a modern feel! Most of their stuff has  quite a unisex vibe, this top could work for a girl or a guy and I saw pictures of both guys and girls rocking it!

American Apparel Print Denim Shorts


Where to start these are just gorgeous! They are  high-waisted  which is really flattering although not after a big dinner! 😛 I spend a disproportionate amount of time in American Apparel literally drooling at their gorgeous clothes and I will try these on when/if we get better weather! I would wear them with a plain top and ideally a tan! They also come in a blue and white print if you don’t fancy this one but these just scream summer to me.

Cambridge Satchel Company “The Chelsea”


The Cambridge Satchel Co. have really amazing simple leather bags and this collection is no exception. It’s a new range of pastel colour satchels in cream, lavender, peach and blue. I picked the pastel blue to show as blue is my favourite colour. If the Cambridge Satchel Co. are a bit out of your price range (me too) try LYDC in Soho Market in Stephen’s Green for lookalikes or Zatchels.co.uk.

Print Backpack Forever 21

alt=<print backpack forever 21>

I love backpacks but haven’t bought one yet. It’s a bit too close to a “schoolbag” for comfort but yet so cool! This really caught my eye though, again love the print. I also like the denim and studded ones that are doing the rounds. Let me know what you think, would you go for one or is it a bit inconvenient?

Spike Pumps Miss Selfridge

These Miss Selfridge shoes actually went into sale but unfortunately my size was miles too big for me and the next size too small. 😦


Spikes and studs are still everywhere and I absolutely love them and have a ridiculous amount of spiked and studded clothing! Love these bad boys!

Miss Selfridge Embroidered Blouse

alt=<Embroided Western Shirt>

Sweet and simple. Embroidered on the reverse as well. Would look great with denims.

Finally china print/willow prints will be huge this year and I love them.

 Penneys Dress.


Hope you all enjoyed this post! I haven’t included any prices except ones I was certain of as I got some of the items from websites and the currency conversions are sometimes incorrect. Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “S/S 2013

  1. I really enjoyed this! So, keep up the good workieee! 🙂 I love the multi-coloured sweater! And, the Mona Lisa (#TrustNObItch) 🙂 Defo going to get it!!!! How is the quality? I know you got the skirt from them.. 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • aww thanks! Missed you in work , no fun without you! oh I havent ordered from them actually..Romwe.com was the site I got the skirt from! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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